Worried About Human Mind Readers, Well Now AI Can Do It Too!

There have been many nightmares of a person reading the thoughts inside our heads, allowing him to reveal all our secrets, as well as things we’ve successfully kept from being revealed to the world. The other thing that worries us is Artificial Intelligence. It could soon be able to read the minds of humans. This sounds like a daunting task but it’s already happening, and it’s within one of the most famous tech companies “Meta”.

The researchers from Meta have been testing Meta’s AI in various ways and are trying to find the most effective ways to utilize AI to comprehend the human brain. As technology advances increments of leaps and bounds it’s not too far away that we may observe AI being utilized to understand minds.

There are many benefits to AI The first is medical treatment. Utilizing AI doctors could be able to discern the mental state of patients and determine the cause behind the mental illness, which makes it a valuable tool for helping people suffering from depression or anxiety.

Similar AI technologies have been utilized in a variety of well-known health centers across the globe. Doctors utilize AI for a variety of things like studying cancerous tumors as well as brain mapping.

Facebook in its quest to read minds with AI is focused at brainwaves. The company has just unveiled an AI that is able to understand what people say through analysing their brain waves. It’s a feat that deserves to be celebrated, considering technology like this has applications for understanding patients who are unable to speak due to trauma or discomfort.

“There are a variety of ailments, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to anoxia that render people incapable of communicating. One of the pathways that have been discovered for patients suffering from these conditions over the last few decades is the use of brain-computer interfaces” research scientist Jean Remi King.

In the process of testing their AI research, researchers at Meta are developing a method that will record the brainwaves of an individual. They can then use them to analyze changes in blood flow, as well as other indicators to determine brain activity.

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