Windows 11 KB5016691 released – here’s what’s new and fixed

KB5016691 can now be downloaded to those who are in the production channel, as an optional cumulative preview version. This update isn’t packed with additional features, but there are a few issues that you could take a look at. The patch is available through Windows Update, but you are also able to download offline installers for Microsoft Windows 11, KB5016691.

The update is labeled “optional,” which means it’s an additional cumulative release that isn’t necessary for the functioning of your computer. But, you are able to install the August 2022 update in order to fix unexpected issues.



The August 2022 update optionally will upgrade your system towards Windows 11 Build 22000.918. Windows Updates previously used to be rigorously tested, which meant users did not need to be concerned about updates previously. But, Windows Updates lately contain too many changes , which can could cause issues for certain users.

It’s recommended to skip Windows 11 Build 22000.918 for now , and then be patient until the September 2022 patch Tuesday for Windows 11. This preview update contains all corrections that will be available to everyone on the following Patch Tuesday which means it’s not possible to bypass that patch.

Download Links for Windows 11 KB5016691

Windows 11 KB5016691 Direct Download Links: 64-bit

A lot of users have highlighted issues with installation that were present in earlier Windows 11 updates. Use the above offline installers in case you regularly encounter Windows Update issues.

In certain situations there are instances where having multiple updates in queue is among the main reasons for Windows Update failure. If this happens it is possible to reboot the device , or execute an .msu application to apply the upgrade.

If you’re experiencing problems with updating, you can delete the update files manually which includes any corrupt downloads or files that have been frozen. For this to be done, you must restart your computer using safe Mode then follow the steps below:

  • Inside File Explorer, navigate to C:Windows
  • Remove the SoftwareDistribution folder.
  • Restart your computer

After that, restart Windows Update and you’ll be in a position to install the KB5016691.

Windows 11 KB5016691 (Build 22000.918) changelog

It is now possible to remotely add languages and related functions on Windows 11. Users can also manage language scenarios across several endpoint managers. This is a change for enterprises only however, it’s one of the features that are new in this version, as per the official release notes.


Windows 11’s new feature can compress files regardless of their size, however it only works if you’ve configured Server Message Block (SMB) Compression. This is a different feature for enterprises that is being touted as a brand new feature in Windows 11.

A new feature utilizes Windows Defender’s configuration in order to identify and deter ransomware and other advanced attacks.

For bugs, Microsoft has patched an issue that affects their automatic HDR (Auto HDR) feature. This update also addresses a situation that Microsoft Edge could stop when you switch to Internet Explorer mode.

Another issue has been resolved Virtualized Office applications won’t launch or respond i.e suddenly stop working.

A complete list of improvements for Windows 11 Build 22000.918:

  1. Fixing a problem where users were unable to access features on their devices. The issue causes problems with bidirectional communications.
  2. Correction of an issue that caused BitLocker ran slower than it normally does.
  3. Corrected a problem that stopped Windows 11 SE from trusting certain Microsoft Store apps.
  4. A problem was fixed that stopped hardware that was not Windows-based from authenticating.
  5. A problem was fixed that caused an issue that causes the Resultant Set of Policy tool to cease functioning.
  6. Correction of an issue in which the Settings app would not work on domain controllers for servers (DCs).
  7. Corrected a problem that could caused Bluetooth headphones to cease working. This issue is affecting modern devices that use the Audio Distribution Profile ( A2DP).
  8. Corrected an issue in which users weren’t receiving driver updates through Windows Update when the extension driver is installed, however the base driver was not installed.

There aren’t a lot of modifications in this version and that’s due to the fact that the tech giant’s focus is in the direction of Windows 11 22H2 ( Windows 11 2022 Update) commercial launch.

Microsoft has also included an updated version 22000.910 of Windows Servicing Stack with today’s optional update. This improves the servicing stack , which is responsible for installing updates to your computer. If you’re not aware, maintaining stack quality is vital for reliable and robust performance.

Issues that were reported in August 2022. Optional update

Microsoft has also issued a warning that Windows 11 Build 22000.918 could be a problem for the XPS viewer. This could cause problems with performance for some users, mostly enterprises. The XPS Viewer might not function well and users shouldn’t be able to browse XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents.

The issue is apparently affecting XML Paper Specification and Open XML Paper Specification files. Microsoft officials said that the broken XPS viewer will not affect most people at home, and it’s not installed as a default.

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