Which phone is the best, iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S22?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, Galaxy S 22 Ultra and Galaxy S 22 ultra are outstanding phones, but let’s compare them and see which phone is the best in terms of price, display, design and price.

If we are talking about both phones, the iPhone 14 is undoubtedly the superior model. Apple continues to use a version of last year’s A 15 Bionic chipet in the iPhone 14. However, the new handset will be better than the Galaxy S22. The camera settings have been improved to improve low-light photography. Apple also has added safety features.

The Galaxy S22 is not to be discounted. It feels like the phone was around for years. Although the processor is slower than the iPhone’s, the Galaxy S22 delivers solid performance. It also added a telephoto lens to the Galaxy S 22’s back and a 120Hz display.

iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22:Price & Availability

The price of an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphone in Pakistan is currently Rs. 529,999/Pkr (including PTA Tax) The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is a lightweight, attractive, and elegant phone. It will be available from many online and offline retailers in a variety storage and color options. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphone will be available online at the best price through Priceoye and Daraz Mall. The PTA tax must be paid if you plan to import the iPhone from another country. Based on the category and value of the device, the tax is calculated.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is priced at Rs. 299,999/ Pkr in Pakistan Official dealers and warranty providers regulate the retail price of Samsung mobiles under official warranty.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung GalaxyS22:Design

Both phones are roughly the same size, although Galaxy is slightly larger than iPhone. Both phones are made from a mixture of metal and glass. Apple uses Face ID instead of an in-display fingerprint scanner on the A 22.

The eSim technology is the only way to get an iPhone 14 in 2014. The S22 has one sim card tray, while the iPhone 14 has two. This is the most important difference between the phones.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung GalaxyS22:Display


The displays of the Galaxy S22 and iPhone 14 are both 6.1 inches. The iPhone 14’s display has a slightly higher resolution (2532×1170), than the A 22 (2340×1080). In actual terms, the Galaxy S22’s display is better than that of the iPhone 14. The Galaxy S22’s brightness peak is 1,300 nits. While the iPhone 14’s peak brightness is 1,200 nits HDR, it’s relatively bright. When the Galaxy S22 was set to Vivid mode, colors appeared brighter. These colors were more accurate than the iPhone 14’s Delta-E score for the Galaxy S22, which was 0.22 to 0.25.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung GalaxyS22: Cameras


Apple has done a lot of work on the iPhone 14 camera. This is why you can take amazing photos in low light. The iPhone 14’s main camera has a 12MP sensor, but the iPhone 14 Pro models boast a 48MP sensor.

The sensors on the iPhone 14 Pro models have 1.9-micrometer pixels, and an aperture of f/1.7. The iPhone 14 allows you to take better photos in low light conditions and can also capture action shots with greater precision. We can guarantee better low light performance with the 12MP ultrawide camera. You can also capture more of the scene.

The Galaxy S22 offers something that the iPhone doesn’t: a Pro version. The Galaxy S22 includes a 10MP Telephoto Lens on its back. This lens joins the 50MP main camera, and a 12MP ultrawide shot.

S22 has a 3x optical zoom. The iPhone 14 only has a 5x digital zoom. iPhone 14’s photo captures the exact colors and more details of the shot taken. However, the sky would appear bluer if the photo was taken from S22. You can zoom in even further with the S22’s phone lens.

The iPhone’s hardware improvements to its cameras and new Photonic Engine, which calls out more detail as you process an image, make it an attractive phone. iPhone 13 can’t capture the same quality shots as iPhone 14, but S22 takes great photos in low light.

The iPhone 14’s Action mode, which is available for video, is an excellent addition to the iPhone 14, especially when your subject or you are moving. The iPhone 14’s ability to stack footage allows it defeat the Samsung Galaxy S22 super steady mode. This makes iPhone 14 video look more vibrant and smooth. Samsung Galaxy S22 can’t win in a competition against Apple.

iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S22: Performance


Apple continues to dominate the mobile market in terms of raw performance, even though its A15 Bionic processor was older. This chip powers all four iPhone 13 models. The A15 Bionic chip in iPhone 14 uses a 5-core GPU, instead of the 4-core version in iPhone 13’s chipset.

The iPhone 4 also scored higher in general performance than the S22’s 1,204 and 3,348 results. The iPhone 14 scores higher in gaming, producing 69 frames per second during 3DMark’s Wild Life Unlimited test. This is compared to the S22’s 60 frames per second score. Apple focused on the iPhone 14 as Galaxy S22 defeated iPhone 13 in this test. iPhone 14 is the clear winner due to its higher score.

iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S22: Battery And Charging Time

The iPhone 14’s battery life was expected to be longer than the iPhone 13. iPhone 14 is failing us. It will not be able to surf the internet continuously. The iPhone 14’s average battery life is 9 hours 28 minutes. This is half an hour less than smartphones.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro max are great overall, but their battery life is still disappointing. The iPhone 14’s performance is far better than that of the Galaxy S22. The Galaxy S22’s battery lasts for 7 hours and 51 mins, which is almost two hours shorter than an average phone.

Samsung’s flagship is faster than the iPhone 14 in one area: a faster charging battery, which supports 25W charging. Although the Galaxy S22’s charging speeds are slower than other S22 models (45W charging speeds), it is still faster than the iPhone 14’s 20W charging speed.

iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22: Incredible Unique Features and Software


The iPhone 14 has unique features such as crash detection. Sensors in the phone detect if there is a collision and notify emergency responders. This feature allows the iPhone to defeat Samsung Galaxy S22.

iOS 16 is already pre-installed on the iPhone 14. This means the iPhone 14 has all the best features of the software update, including a customizable lock screen and the ability to edit texts messages. The One UI interface Samsung is currently building on Android 13 is not yet available. This is why Galaxy S22 owners can’t get the latest version until the end of the year.

Samsung, on the other hand offers better software support for its customers. Android 13 will be the first of four software updates that Samsung guarantees for its Galaxy S22 phones. We expect security updates to follow in the fifth year. You can also expect five years worth of updates with iPhones; this is why the support gap has been closing. iPhone 14 is the winner due to its fall features.

iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S22: Our Verdict


Both the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22 offer excellent options, but iPhone clearly has better performance and camera. S22 has a 120Hz screen, while iPhone 14 lacks telephoto lenses. However, iPhone 14 is equipped with a superior chipset to the Samsung Galaxy S22.

It is up to you to choose which phone to purchase, but we have covered all the important aspects of the iPhone 14 & Samsung Galaxy S22.


iPhone 14 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S22
Start Price 500,000/-Pkr 299,999/-Pkr
Refresh Rate 60Hz 48Hz-120Hz
CPU A15 Bionic Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Screen size 6.1-inch OLED(2532×1170) AMOLED 6.1-inch (2340×1080).
Storage 128 GB.256 GB. 512 GB 128 GB, 248 GB

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