WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Pair Tablets As Secondary Devices

By | September 24, 2022

The ability to sync your primary WhatsApp account to tablets will be a lot simpler in the near future. WhatsApp is planning to officially support linking a tablet to you WhatsApp account. Like all features, this one was discovered by people at WABetaInfo.


WhatsApp is getting an enticing new feature soon

Companion mode first came to light in May of this year, a multi-device feature which allows you to sync your account with a second mobile device. It was thought that it was limited to smartphones, however it seems like WhatsApp has made it available to tablets too as seen in the most recent beta version of Android.

As the image shows, this feature works exactly the same way as WhatsApp Desktop. It is as simple as loading on WhatsApp using your tablet and then receive the QR code needed to sign in. Simply scan this QR code using your smartphone and connect it to your main WhatsApp account. All messages will sync between both devices.

It is necessary to have an internet connection to your phone in order to transfer all media and chats onto the second device. However, when the two devices have been synced, you are able to keep using WhatsApp using your tablet, even without the internet connection of your phone. It will work regardless of whether your primary smartphone comes with one that is an iOS device. It is not clear when this feature will become available on iPads.

The feature is in its early stages of development, and it is possible that we will see additional updates in the future, like design updates or support for more features.

The new companion mode available for Android tablets is accessible to a handful of beta users. It is not clear when it will be rolling out to all users. It is, however, in the process of being developed and is expected to be made available to all users to utilize.

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