TikTok Users Will Now Be Able To Downvote Comments

By | September 25, 2022

TikTok will be rolling out a feature that allows users downvote comments. The button will appear alongside likes on individual comments under videos, in the form a thumbs-down icon that users click. According to TikTok, the feature was first introduced as a test in April. It will now be made available worldwide. You can click the button again to undo your downvote. Only the person who did the downvoting can see it. The number of downvotes, unlike the likes and comments received, is not visible publicly. This suggests that downvotes will be used more as a back-end moderation tool. However, TikTok isn’t clear on how it will use downvotes.



TikTok states that downvoting comments allows the platform to get feedback from its community and to identify inappropriate or irrelevant comments. TikTok users can now downvote comments. Users will also be able report comments that violate TikTok rules . Reddit and other platforms have had the ability to downvote content for years. However, it’s an open way for members of the community to voice disagreement and gauge responses. Twitter recently experimented with something similar, TikTok’s latest feature. This allows the platform to gauge what users are interested in and adjust which replies are displayed.

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