The Latest Windows 11 Update is Bad For Gamers

By | September 24, 2022

Windows updates can bring about new issues while fixing existing ones, and the most recent is the same. The tech blog Bleeping Computerhas revealed that the most recent Windows 11 update (Windows 11 22H2) which was released this week has caused extreme performance issues with video games.



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A number of affected gamers have reported that their games are experiencing frame rate fluctuations, stuttering and slowdowns since installing the latest update. The issue is being experienced by people using the latest and most advanced gaming consoles that have top-of-the-line hardware.

Nvidia quickly clarified the issue and stated that it was caused by a newly introduced Windows graphics debugging function that has been enabled in error. The American hardware maker has issued a fix to fix the issue and also declared it. The most recent release of the beta version GeForce Experience will resolve the issue according to Nvidia. A few users who have left comments confirm that GeForce Experience works.

The update can be downloaded via the link provided by the following tweet:



The fact that this issue exists indicates that the issue was with the add-on software, not the GeForce drivers. If, for instance, you downloaded your drivers manually and not GeForce Experience and GeForce Experience, you might not have experienced this issue at all.

This is among the primary reasons Microsoft releases updates in stages, making them available to a limited number of users before making it available to the rest of the world. This is a lesson that the software manufacturer learned in time in the Windows as a Service era where new updates could cause major issues like broken applications and data loss, inoperable webcams, and so on.

If you’re among those affected by the latest Windows 11 update, we suggest downloading the most recent release of the beta version GeForce Experience to fix the problem.

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