SAP Driving Digital Transformation for Progress in Pakistan

By | September 24, 2022

Saquib Ahmad Country Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, held a media meeting in a local hotel to inform the media of the significance and impact of SAP’s activities in Pakistan.

SAP is deeply rooted throughout all areas of operations and business. For Pakistan SAP, it has played a key role in developing and expanding the business to establish a global presence in business and commerce.



This was a great chance that allowed Ms. Ahmad to showcase and discuss SAP’s contributions and the constant improvement to the processes of their clients big and small.

“From manufacturing industries that produce household items to the automotive and energy industries, education networks, textile hubs, pharmaceutical companies, and more, SAP has proven to be the key to success in expanding their reach and effectiveness in meeting goals and expanding the scope.” Saquib further added that the client list of SAP Pakistan varies from conglomerates to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as SAP can provide an individualized solution to meet all the needs of the customer and help its capabilities to realize the desired goal. Saquib further confirmed this by presenting an instance of a retailer which utilized the SAP services SAP and went from a single store to become a nation-wide company.

He was crystal clear about SAP Pakistan’s mission. Simple and yet profound, SAP’s vision is to make the world run better and make lives. SAP through their software, guarantees a layout and workflow that influences the lives of people using it (company and clients) in the most positive way.

In response to a question in the media about protection of confidential data In response to a question from the media regarding the security of sensitive information, Ahmad responded. Ahmad elaborated, “SAP guarantees and manages security at every level. We ensure full conformity with all protocols of the government”. SAP’s strength is its supply chain, which speeds up and ships in time.

He. Ahmad emphasized the support given to the economy by SAP. It helps to expand the economy and opens up more employment opportunities. The digital transformation offered by SAP assists in creating an international presence for Pakistan.

At present, SAP holds a 70 percent market share of IT-related and digital services in every sector of industry, business and education. SAP is developing an infrastructure for a technology-driven Pakistan that has a worldwide reach.


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