Robots Are Being Used In Makkah’s Grand Masjid For Recitation And Sermon

Saudi Arabia has decided to make use of technology in its religion and has introduced robots that will read The Holy Qur’an and provide information for those visiting Islam’s most holy site, following the most recent technology deployment through the presidency over The Two Holy Masjids, as reported by Arab News. In aiding Muslim visitors on their way to Makkah The Grand Masjid has officially launched new robots which will read the holy Qur’an and deliver sermons and adhan to the visitors of the Kaba.

The smart robots will show barcodes on their displays that scans will allow users to download applications on their smartphones. In addition, visitors can use the robots’ commands to gain access to information on prayers and imams, muezzins and schedules for the week, including the names of the clerics who give sermons on Fridays. The announcement of the robots from the management is the first step in the first of a series of technological initiatives aimed at both the Two Holy Masjids to provide better services for the visitors.

Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais is the Chief of the Presidency, who is in charge of all administrative actions that take place at the Two Holy Masjids said that the launch is part of the “big strategy” to implement the smart Haramain project, in line with Vision 2030 and the strategic 2024 program of the presidency to improve the services offered for visitors.

The goal of the sermons, recitations, and azan robots is to communicate the message from the muezzins and imams in the Two Holy Mosques to people who come to visit. Al-Sudais has also launched other intelligent robots that operate without human involvement, such as disinfectant and sterilization robot as well as a fatwa-based robot. an intelligent disinfectant robot and the Holy Kaaba surface cleaner robot. The presidency of the Two Holy Mosque is keen to offer top-quality services as well as leadership and most current administrative practices at the Grand Mosque to millions of Muslim tourists from around the world.

Al-Sudais said that the president is determined to advance and keep up with the technological advancement, assist in technological advancement, and provide the framework to build task forces and ensure the longevity of the creative culture. The modern technology system isn’t the only one to be put in place at Makkah’s Grand Mosque in Makkah.

This year this year, earlier this year, the Grand Mosque officially introduced a guide robot to aid Muslim pilgrims and to answer queries in 11 different languages. In the past, mosque officials introduced robots that give out Zamzam water. There were other robots in the field to offer sanitation and control of epidemics. The Makkah’s Grand Mosque also introduced an electronic Qur’an to assist visually impaired and blind Muslim people worshipping in the month of December. This is an element of Saudi Arabia’s extensive development plan for 2024 that aims to utilize advanced technology to enhance the services to the Two Holy Mosques

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