President Arif Alvi Urges Youth to Bring Intellectual Change by Adopting New and Emerging Technology

According to the President, the youth have a national responsibility to learn new skills and techniques in all areas and embrace the intellectual changes

On Monday, President Dr. Arif alvi spoke to youth parliamentary leaders at the Aiwan-e-Sadr and advised them to make intellectual change and learn new technologies to compete with the fastest-growing nations in the world. This would help lead Pakistan to prosperity and progress.

Quaid-eAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a frequent reference in the speech. The president stated that Quaid held youth in high regard, and called them nation builders of tomorrow in all his speeches. He also encouraged them to cultivate discipline, honesty, and other positive traits in themselves.

In his own words, President Alvi stated that the youth have a duty to follow the advice of Mr. Jinnah. Therefore, the youth should be able to adapt to the new skills and technologies in every sector and also embrace all changes so they can ensure Pakistan’s future success.

The president spoke out about the constitution and said it provides Pakistan with the framework to achieve unity and prosperity. He also stated that unity is something every party in Pakistan wants, despite their manifestos.

Dr Alvi believes that floods are a serious problem and that youth can play an important role in rebuilding everything that has been destroyed. Dr. Alvi stated that “Consultation and democracy, passion and hard work were crucial for dealing with the issues and challenges facing the country, including the enormous task of rehabilitation for over 33 million flood victims.”

The president encouraged youth to participate in positive activities, such as building scouts associations and learning skills that will help the country in times when it is most needed.

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