Paris Fashion Week launches with Gaultier protege

By | September 26, 2022

Paris Fashion Week begins on Monday, with a follower of Jean-Paul Gaultier first walking the catwalk. Meanwhile, the fashion world is awaiting Victoria Beckham’s French launch Victoria Beckham’s debut Victoria Beckham.

Like every other tradition, the first day is focused on the newest designers. The first fashion show for womenswear’s spring-summer 2023 features the 28-year-old Victor Weinsanto, a former dancer who studied with Gaultier before launching his own label in 2020.

Weinsanto revealed to AFP the collection is an “declaration that he is in affection” towards his generation which is inspired by fellow young designers.

All fresh and adorned with bright orange hair, the fashion designer claimed that people were seeking “creativity and freedom, as well as absurdity and humor” in their attire currently.

“We are looking for a break,” he stated.

As with many of his peers the focus is on sustainability. This is evident in the majority of his designs being made out of surplus materials from other brands and also a focus on inclusivity.

The clothes were designed to fit “both the mother as well as daughter” the designer said.

Weinsanto stated that he was intrigued by fashion on the internet although he did not see it as a major factor to the business.

“You are able to truly free you,” he said. “I would like to transcend 3D.”

Over 100 labels are included on the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week.

The spotlight is focused on Victoria Beckham, who makes her debut appearance on Paris Fashion Week after previously having shows at New York and London.

Beckham’s label has struggled to make a profit despite the positive reviews she received since her debut as a designer in the year 2008 and a reorganized back office hopes to see a rise in Paris.

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