Pakistan Accomplishes Another Milestone in Drone Technology

In the field of technology for drones, this isn’t the first time Pakistan has succeeded in making something similar to this. Students from NUST have made Pakistan proud in August, when they developed the first autonomous drone in Pakistan in addition to representing Pakistan in international competitions and exhibitions. They won at various events all over the world and impressed everyone with their inventiveness and passion.

Student Muhammad Hassan Khan, Hafiz Hamza Jalil Qreshi, Ali Shair Muhammad Bhutta, Muhammad Taaha Rana, and numerous others contributed to the creation of drones for their academic work. The fourth-year CEME students study mechanical engineering from CEME created drones in 2016.

Once their invention was complete, they entered it in national competitions for technology and began to win prizes. They gained acclaim. In the following year, for their first appearance on the international stage, they took part at the 2018 IMechE UAS Challenge held in the United Kingdom. After their win in the tournament the team continued to take part in other international competitions.

Since the beginning of 2018, the organization has been recognized with nine international awards that represent Pakistan across the globe. Its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge 2021 and the award for the highest standard of safety are just a few. The competition’s judges provided remarks that praised the team’s ingenuity as well as their common-sense, and said that the team had performed well for their country.

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