No significant improvement in diet in 30 years: study

Scientists of Tufts University found that diets today are not that less healthy or different than just a few decades ago all over the globe.

The team evaluated different diet products on a scale of zero to 100, where zero represented the most nutrients or junk foods. 100 represented a healthy diet , including all elements.


The mean scores of the average score was 40.3 that was 1.5 points higher than 1990. In the years that followed, healthy food choices were popular in certain countries such as in the US, China, and Iran however in other countries, such as Japan and Nigeria their diets were becoming unhealthy. People living in those countries in the Americas were eating unhealthy food but South Asians had the most healthy eating practices.

Just 10 countries around the world scored more than 50 on the current day.

As people consume more dry fruits and vegetables in these days and times but they also consume more red meat, and drinking sweet beverages and adding salt.

The study that was published within the journal Nature Food also found that women eat healthier than males. People who are older were also observed to consume healthier foods than younger ones.

Education seems to play a significant part in this. People with higher education levels are more informed and educated parents, feeding their children healthier food.

The researchers noted that eating habits and quality of food were found to decrease as we the advancing years. Children who were young were the most healthy, but the decline accelerated as they got older. The authors stated that childhood is the ideal time to establish healthy habits in children.

Researchers analysed the data of over 1100 surveys taken from the Global Dietary Database carried out in more than 185 countries.

Dietary deficiencies have been proven to be the main reason for illness and responsible for more than 26% of premature deaths.

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