Microsoft may be gearing up to test mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming

The latest Xbox app update includes references to mouse and keyboard support.

What you need to know

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on phones, the web, and PCs as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • You can stream dozens of games via the web, ideal for low-power non-gaming PCs. But you’re restricted to gamepad and touch controls. 
  • Microsoft is ready to test mouse and keyboard inputs with Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

Mouse and keyboard support has long been teased for Xbox Cloud Gaming, and we’ve now seen the first glimpses that it may be in testing. 

If you’re part of the Windows Gaming Insider package via the Xbox Insider app on Windows 10 or 11, you can access a more advanced update ring for the Xbox app and the Xbox Game Bar. A recent update for the Xbox app has changed up the Xbox Cloud Gaming interface a little bit, including iconography for mouse and keyboard support, as well as a filter for the search tool to allow you to find games that support mouse and keyboard. 

As of writing, Xbox Cloud Gaming (as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) only supports controllers and touch controls. On PCs and laptops, generally speaking, you’ll be forced to use an Xbox gamepad if you want to play titles via the internet. Xbox Cloud Gaming has perhaps the highest-quality library of all the primary PC-based streaming services, with games from Microsoft itself, Bethesda, and EA featured in force across the platform. However, for those who don’t have a gamepad or prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard, typically, services like NVIDIA GeForce Now have long been the platform of choice for Windows-based cloud gaming. This latest change could begin to flow in the other direction. 


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