Major Defects Already Shown In iPhone 14; Apple Admits Many Mistake

Apple has been able to sell millions iPhone 14 models in just two weeks, however the launch hasn’t been easy. It’s only been only a couple of days since the latest Apple iPhone 14 has been launched , along with iOS 16 which was supposed to be the smoothest-running software, however twelve days after the launch and there have been serious flaws in the system and on the device in general. The defects have been confirmed and accepted by Apple and, of course, they say they are working to fix the issues. If you’re contemplating buying the brand new iPhone 14, you must be aware of these issues prior to purchase.

1. Camera Shaking


It’s not clear how widespread it is. iPhone 14 Pro camera issue is. However, Apple is definitely aware of the issue, and is seeking an answer. A forthcoming software update is likely to stop the camera from performing as in the above videos regardless of the application.

If your camera has an issue with buzzing it is recommended to take the camera back and receive an alternative. It’s the only way you can make sure there isn’t any permanent damage to your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. The second option is more irritating for anyone who enjoys their social media activities. To avoid the camera buzzing issue from coming out, be careful with your social media use up to the time that iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max receive the correct software update.


2. iMessage & FaceTime

Apple published an paperin which it clarified the issues with iMessage along with FaceTime in the latest model of iPhone. In the documentation, Apple goes on to explain that , after the installation of the new iPhone 14 or 14 Pro however, certain users may not receive iMessages and FaceTime calls. Conversations within messages could appear as separate threads and some users may not receive messages from a different accounts (such for example, your email account if you chosen an email address instead of a phone number).

A negative side effect of relying on iMessage as a source of quality texting is that when it breaks, you’ll fall into SMS (the green bubbles) an outdated standard which hasn’t kept pace with modern requirements for messaging. Tim Cook seems to think the answer to green bubble issues is to purchase an iPhone and, sadly it doesn’t cover the latest iPhones.

Before you get anxious about the need to send green bubbles like the Android crowd, be aware that Apple has solved the issue by releasing iOS version 16.0.1 that was released on the morning of. iOS 16.0.1 contains a couple of bugs fixes for the latest iPhones as well as a fix for an issue where images may look soft when you zoom into the landscape.

The update is expected to resolve the iMessage as well as FaceTime activation issues and get you back to the blue bubble group. The majority of iPhones will prompt users to install the latest software at the time of setup, however If that doesn’t happen you can download the update by clicking the Settings menu, then General and Software Update.

If you continue to experience problems after the update, Apple suggests making sure that your iPhone has been connected to mobile network before going to Settings > Messages > and Receive and choosing the phone number you would like to use in the app Messages.

3. Data Migration

Apple is investigating a problem that could result in iPhone 14 Pro as well as iPhone 14 Pro Max versions to freeze when customers transfer their information to an earlier iPhone

In the note, Apple says it is “aware of the problem and is looking into the cause.” Apple specifically states that customers could experience that their brand upgraded iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max models being unresponsive and freezing following an iCloud restore, or transfer of data from their older iPhone in the Quick Start process.

As a temporary fix Apple recommends users to force restarting their iPhone when it stops responding for longer then five minutes. The new iPhone 14 Pro customers faced similar issues on Friday with regards to activation of their device. Although iPhone 14 Pro comes with iOS 16, iPhone 14 Pro ships with iOS 16, there is an available iOS 16.0.1 update that users should install when setting up on their devices. This update was specifically designed to address the issues faced by users due to transfer of data, authorization and photo issues that are a problem with the iPhone 14 Pro range.

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