Is the New iPhone 14 Waterproof? Here’s Apple’s Water-Resistance Explained

iPhone users are planning to upgrade their phones with Apple recently announcement of that it will launch the iPhone 14 series as the Christmas season is approaching. The buyers are bound to come upon phrases such as IP67 or IP68 in the section on tech specs when they are looking into what they will purchase next. Although the majority of buyers who are tech-savvy are aware of what these terms mean but a substantial portion do not.

For those who isn’t aware, are the capability of smartphones to resist water and wearable devices. More numbers usually indicate more resistance to dust and water. IP ratings, provided through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) are becoming more common within the electronics industry. Many consumer electronics companies promote the IP rating of their products in their marketing campaigns.

Apple has been a long-time advocate of display of the IP scores on it’s iPhones in its web site. Although the majority of Apple iPhones that are sold today are waterproof however, this wasn’t the norm until 2016 , when Apple launched an iPhone 7 series. They was the initial iPhones with the IP rating. Although certain iPhone models today are available with water-repellent certificates, they don’t all offer the identical level of protection from liquids.


The majority of iPhone models that are available including to the iPhone 12 series up to the most recent iPhone 14 series are IP68 dust and water resistant. The iPhone 14 series has more IP68 protection than previous IP68-rated iPhone models like iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Although iPhone 12 and 13 models are IP68 certified, the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 as well as the iPhone 14 lineups are IP68 certified up to a depth of 6 meters however, it is the iPhone 11 Pro lineup is only IP68 certified up to 4 meters. Although iPhone 11 models are iPhone 11 models are IP68 certified, they’re waterproof to 2 meters in depth (via Apple).

The only currently available Apple iPhone model with a lower IP rating is the third-generation iPhone SE model, which is still IP67-certified to protect against ingress. This means that it is the 3rd generation iPhone SE model can only go up to a meters deep, and remain there in a secure manner for up to 30 minutes.

Despite claims regarding the water-proofing capabilities of its most recent models, Apple does not cover damages caused by liquids under warranty. This is why it is recommended to exercise care when you use your iPhone close to water. If you want to know more about the subject, Apple offers a dedicated page that provides a detailed explanation of the different water-resistant options available on its entire range of phones starting at the iPhone 7.

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