Infinix FreePods 2-XE27 Review; Price Rs.4,300; Cheapest Alternative For Apple AirPods 2

In the past, Apple launched its Apple Airpods Pro 2 and like always, they claim that it was the most superior audio gadget you’ll ever find, and based on their claim, the price is the same. Apple Airpods Pro 2 was $250(Rs.59,000) similar to the other AirPods. Inifinix chose to take on the challenge of Apple and came up with the Airpods Pro 2 for 10 times less and has the same features as Apple.

Infinix has just announced its new Infinix FreePods XE 27 and in my opinion, it’s one of the best launches of the year in terms of audio equipment.


Infinix will only charge the price of Rs. 6000 for the brand new Infinix FreePods 2. The product is launched exclusively by and they’re offering the discount for the launch and the price of the new model is 4300 rupees and you can buy the product now on the site.

Active Noise Cancelation

AAC is one of the most popular and acclaimed aspect that comes with Infinix FreePods 2 as it provides the highest noise cancellation available and comes with the capability of having four microphones to block any noises that surround you so that you can enjoy your music in the best possible way. Another feature, called Environmental Noise Cancelation is installed in the FreePods 2 that clears your voice while in the phone, to ensure that the person you’re calling can clearly hear your voice.


Battery and Fast-Charging

The exact battery mAH of the device isn’t disclosed by Infinix however it claims it will provide a 28-hour backup battery and a 60-minute playback time with a charge of 10 minutes. Even if it does not fully 100% meet the requirements, it is able to provide a satisfactory battery life. Infinix claims it has the Infinix FreePods 2 will last for four hour and thirty-minutes of continuously listening to music.

Sound Quality

Infinix didn’t just concentrate in its Unique Selling Point which is ANC in this case , but also focused on making their product more efficient overall. Infinix FreePods 2 feature 10mm dynamic audio , and provide great sound quality and excellent audio quality. They provide the deep bass effect as well as the clear low notes that are usually not present in cheaper audio players.


The overall design is similar to it’s predecessor, the Airpod Pro 2 and has sleek and appealing design. It’s the Infinix Freepod 2 is available in two colors: Blue and White. I personally prefer the blue color more. There are no buttons on the case , which is a an advantage to the design.

Control Options

All the cool features that Apple has showcasing on Apple’s Airpods Pro 2, you can get it all with Infinix FreePod 2. Infinix FreePod 2 as well. You can boost the volume by clicking the right earpiece, and reduce the volume by pressing the left earpiece, which is more user-friendly as opposed to Apple’s slider. You can make or take calls and change modes without having to take your phone out of your pockets. When you press the left earpiece, noise cancellation stops, and you are able to talk with someone. Once you release the button, the volume is back to normal, so you do not have the inconvenience in pausing to play music.


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