Half Of Sudan’s Most Vulnerable Children Could Die Without Aid

By | September 25, 2022

Sudan’s most vulnerable children are in such dire need of humanitarian assistance that half of them will die. UN agencies stated on Friday Children Could Die Without Aid. “As we speak today 650,000 children are suffering from severe acute Malnutrition. Half of the children will die if they are not treated,” stated Mandeep O Brien (UNICEF ) Representative for Sudan. This underscores what veterans aid workers call an unprecedented crisis. The recent spiralling problems in Sudan are due to a military coup in Oct 2021, which prompted an international freeze on aid operations. This has caused UN relief teams in some cases to reduce rations by half. The ongoing political turmoil has also made it difficult for families in crisis to access State support, as they have had to deal with food price rises and violence from the intertribal community. Eddie Rowe, UN World Food Programme (WFP) Country director in Sudan.

He said that WFP projected that 15 million people would be hungry each day starting in the hunger season. We are currently doing an assessment as our indicators predicted that this number could reach 18 million by the end. “We still struggle with an increase in intertribal violence and conflicts, and this in reality has spread now not only to Darfur but to other parts the country Children Could Die Without Aid. The Ukraine War has also had a significant impact. This, in the context of an unstable political country, has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.” UNICEF’s Mandeep Obrien noted that the crisis was more than just a lack of food. Basic health services such as clean water and sanitation are severely lacking. “Unfortunately, routine immunization is falling in Sudan. She said that between 2019 and 2021, there has been a doubled in the number of children not receiving lifesaving vaccines.

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