Fake Apple Crypto Event Streamed on Youtube, Fools Thousands of Viewers

A user who was anonymous on YouTube was live streaming an interview from the past with Tim Cook, which appeared to be a scam to highlight an alleged cryptocurrency scam and the moment it was live the tens of thousands viewers watched.

If you’ve seen any fake cryptocurrency videos on YouTube, you’ll know the majority of what was happening. The fake live broadcast attracted attention with an array of Apple keywords both in the description and title. When you clicked on the file, however it was crammed with odd messages that pointed to a suspicious-looking crypto website.

There were several clues to suggest of fraudulent. It was a strange subtitle: “Apple Event Live. Ceo Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook: Apple & Metaverse in 2022.” and played the old CNN interview featuring Cook in 2018. The streamer added Bitcoin as well as Ethereum logos into the feed, and covered it with the CNN Money logo with the text “Apple Crypto Event 2022,” and then at the bottom, there was a bold text which read “URGENT NEWS.” And when you visited the channel’s webpage (which changed to “Apple LIVE”), the URL did not have anything to do with Apple. It could be that the channel served another purpose prior to being taken over by criminals and later used to house the video stream.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comments. The feed was shut down within a few hours after the report was published, citing YouTube’s conditions of service.


The fake live feed did not originate directly from Apple but it was broadcast in a period when the company is subject to many scrutiny. Apple’s huge iPhone 14 announcement event was live-streamed just a few hours ago. Apple’s the CEO Tim Cook is presently being interviewed by Vox Media’s Code conference later this evening. The deceitful broadcast appears to be a ploy to fool those who might be cognizant there’s a reason Apple has a busy day, but aren’t certain what’s happening.

The stream was announced by the YouTube website, which may be due to the Apple event that was taking during the day. The stream initially had 16K people watching, but over time that was close to 70K, it grew to almost 70K.

The Verge has also found the live feed of another channel, which claimed to be coming from “Apple Inc.” The webcast claimed to be an event featuring Cook as well as Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk about Apple as well as the Metaverse however, it was actually an old interview that was repurposed with Musk along with Blockhead Jack Dorsey about Bitcoin. The webcast had more than 10,000 viewers watching the live stream and connected to a suspicious looking crypto website during the interview. The site has been taken down from the webcast as well.


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