Apple iPhone 14 Pro review: new ideas in a familiar package

By | September 26, 2022

the latest flagship smartphone from PPL which is the iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with updated cameras, a brand new constantly-on display, and some funky animations centered around a smaller floating notch. Also, it comes with a significant price increase because of the shift in currencies.

Inflation rates that are low against the dollar mean that the phone’s price is PS150 (A$400) greater costly than its predecessor, costing PS1,099 (A$1,749) however it is priced at the same $999 in US.


14 Pro 14 Pro has the same 6.1in OLED display, and the same high-end glass and stainless steel design that was previously seen on previous models however, the cut-out at the top of the screen that houses the cameras used for Face ID has been replaced by the smaller 31% pill-shaped shape that Apple refers to as”dynamic islands” “dynamic islands”.

The tablet is animated it expands and contracts to allow for system alerts and other notifications that are ongoing, including the status of charging album art, and an occasional waveform while playing music or an alarm clock. Holding the notch and tapping it shows more notifications including controls for music playback and a single tap will open the application.

Two things can be displayed at the same time in the case that you’re on Spotify and you have a timer running, are both displayed on top. Photograph Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

It’s surprisingly useful for quick information but there is one small issue. The 3/4/5G indicator gets lost as the notch grows, rendering it impossible to know the difference between a data black hole.

The tablet acts as a focus point for other animations like an animated Face ID logo appearing when authenticating purchases. The entire experience is enjoyable and alive and alive, which is the overall concept that is the focus of iOS 16 software that runs in the 13 Pro as well as all other iPhones older than iPhone 8. iPhone 8.

Another important innovation is the possibility of having the display on all the time, even in standby mode. Android devices have had constantly-on screens for years, however Apple’s method is a bit different. It shows a dim version of lock screens with widgets and notifications displayed in full-color, not an ordinary clock or something similar.

Image alt=”The constantly-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro.” src=”″/>
It is sometimes difficult to know if your phones are on or off due to the fact that the screen which is always on – as shown – is full colour and can attain levels of brightness similar to laptops. The phone shuts down when it is put in a bag or at night, and it can be completely turned off to save battery. Photograph by Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

This 6.1in display is the top of the line. Smooth, clear, and crisp and brilliantly bright, it can reach the 2,000nits mark of peak brightness – – the standard measurement of screen brightness surpassing the previous record holder, which was the Samsung S22 Ultra. The brighter the display will become, the easier it is to view in direct sunlight. there’s no doubt that you’ll have no issue with this screen in any light.


  • Screen 6.1in Super Retina XDR with ProMotion (120Hz OLED) (460ppi)
  • Processor: Apple A16 Bionic
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage 12, 256 or 512GB, or 1TB
  • Operating system: iOS 16
  • Camera Main 48MP, UW 12MP, and the 3X zoom 12MP. front-facing 12MP
  • Connectivity WiFi 6, 5G Bluetooth 5.3 lightning, ultra wideband, as well as GNSS (dual-band)
  • Resistance to water: IP68 (6 metres for 30 minutes)
  • Dimensions 147.5 71.5 x 7.85mm. 71.5 7.85mm 7.85mm
  • Weight: 206g

Battery life and charge

14 Pro 14 Pro has Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chip, which makes it the most efficient iPhone available by around 10% more than the earlier A15 chips. It’s capable of handling all the tasks you could want to accomplish with a smartphone, and will be quick for a long time to be.

The battery life is good however it is more unpredictable as compared to the other iPhones. If you leave the 14 Pro sitting on a desk throughout the time, it can last approximately 39 hours, with 5.5 hours of continuous usage. Put the phone in your pocket, which turns the display down and lasts for around 45 hours between recharges.

The US in the US, the iPhone 14 line ships without sim tray, and relies exclusively on the eSim which is a digital sim. In the UK the iPhone 14 line will still have an sim tray. emergency satellite SOS will be available in November however, it is only available to phones within the US or Canada.


Apple doesn’t provide an estimated life-span on the battery however it is expected to last for a minimum of 500 full charge cycles at the minimum of 80 percent of its initial capacity. It can also be replaced with PS105. Outside of warranty repairs to screens cost you PS349. The site for specialists iFixit has given an average of 14 Pro six points out of 10 in terms of repairability..

It is made up of recycled plastic, gold rare earth elements, the tungsten metal and tin. The company explains its phone’s environmental footprint in its environmental report. Apple provides trade-ins and free recycling plans that include non-Apple products.

iOS 16

The new 14 Pro is compatible along with iOS 16 which is a less snoozy version of the Apple software. It features a new lock screen as well as a host of other improvements. Expect at the very the very least five years of security and software updates and as much as seven.

New to on the iPhone 14 line is car-crash detection. It detects the powerful force generated by an accident and summons emergency services if you don’t respond within 20 seconds.


The 14 Pro has one the largest changes in the underside of the iPhone camera system for a while. The new processing system increases low-light performance on all cameras front and back by two to three times, which is helpful especially in shooting indoors with dim, artificial lighting.

The sensor of the main camera is larger by 65% than that of the 13 Pro and has a larger in resolution, with 48 megapixels, which is up from 12 megapixels last year. It shoots by default 12MP photos that combine four of the sensor’s pixels into one pixel for the final image. This increases the sensitivity of light and aids in eliminating artefacts. Samsung and other manufacturers have been using this technique called Pixel Binning for a long time.

The camera is also able to capture full 48MP images using ProRaw mode. It can also achieve two times the zoom when using only the center of the sensor which is useful, but it struggles with lower-light conditions.

The 3x ultrawide and telephoto cameras have the same 12MP and the former is equipped with a sharper lens that gives sharper macro photos. The camera for selfies has been upgraded to offer better low-light performance and auto-focus features for the first time. This allows close-up selfies to be a little more sharp. Portrait mode now blurs the foreground and the background that is more natural however it is still struggling to deal with fine hair elements and hair better than other models.

Videography remains top-of-the-line with its new, impressive action mode that can stabilize footage as if it were an action camera however, it needs adequate lighting in order to work.

Overall, the 48MP camera is than adequate in poor to moderate lighting and is a bit sharper in fine-detail However, the rest of it is like that of the 13 Pro, as are other cameras. It’s not a bad thing, as it is not a perfect camera. 14 Pro has some of the top cameras on the market however it’s not a day-to-night upgrade.


The iPhone 14 Pro costs from PS1,099 ( $999or $1,749 in Australian dollars) that comes with 128GB memory.

To give you an idea of the cost for comparison, an iPhone 14 costs PS849, the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs PS1,199 The Samsung Galaxy S22+ costs PS949 The Galaxy Z Flip 4 costs PS999 and the Google Pixel 6 Pro costs PS849.


At first glance, it might seem easy to judge it as a simple iPhone 14 Pro as just like the earlier models. But look below the surface and you’ll find Apple looking at new – or at the very least thoughts, or ideas concepts at the very least.

Its animated user interface helps the device appear more alive and responsive. The dynamic pill-shaped island expands to expand and shrinks, in a fluid manner and brings together system alerts and ongoing tasks, that could change how the phone functions. The display that is always on and the new lock screen that was redesigned from iOS 16 feels similar with the widgets and notifications that are live.

However, both of these features require developers to embrace Apple’s concepts and upgrade their apps in order to let them sound good. The notch for now is an ideal place to store Spotify and timers, as well as other pieces to be used.

Although I wouldn’t consider it a significant upgrade from the already impressive 13 Pro adopting an improved resolution sensor used in the camera’s cameras represents a novel strategy for Apple also, with great results, particularly in harsh lighting conditions.

You get the best of all the good things about an iPhone that is a strong battery and a very quick performance that lasts for years, extended support for apps, a amazing display Face ID as well as recycled materials and a vast ecosystem.

It’s just a pity that the price has increased in the outside of the US PS1,099 is a lot to shell out, especially during a price of living crisis. A new battery for an old smartphone could be a better choice this year.


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