All Snapchat Users Can Now Use Snapchat on The Web

Snapchat recently announced that the Snapchat web feature will be made available to all users. This allows users to chat, video call and use Snapchat on their web browser. It also allows for conversation syncing between your phone and your computer.

Snapchat’s web feature, which was originally released for paid subscribers in July, is now available to all Snapchat users.

Along with other features Snapchat had planned for fall, the Web Snapchat availability announcement was made. Nathan Boyd, Snap’s head for messaging product, described Snapchat Web as an “unmet opportunity”.

Many messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram have had web-based versions for a long time. This has allowed millions of people to communicate more efficiently and effectively from their desktops, allowing them to use the applications with ease. Snapchat was quick to realize the potential of web applications and launch its own.

Snapchat’s new web app, Snapchat Web, was just made public. User reviews say that Snapchat Web gives them more space, which allows them to chat and video-call all from one window.

Snapchat claims that one hundred million people use Snapchat to communicate with each other every month. These numbers will only increase with the ability for users to communicate directly from their computers.

The Snapchat Web was initially only available to premium users. It is a clear indication of how Snapchat is aggressively serving Snapchat Plus customers with all the features that they have. Snapchat is making Snapchat Plus a huge success by offering both cameras at once and amazing bitmoji designs.

Data shows that Snapchat Plus has more than one million users. Considering the many features Snapchat offers, these numbers will only increase.

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