686 USF Sites Damaged Across Pakistan in Floods

The floods damaged the Universal Service Fund infrastructure in the four provinces. According to the report accessible to Propakistani there are 686 websites of the Universal Service Fund (USF) which provide high-speed and voice mobile internet access to USF targeted locations were affected by the floods.


the Flood response of Wateen kept Pakistan connected during the catastrophe

According to the report in the document, on August 30th, a total of six86 USF sites were affected by rainfall and flooding. Universal Service Fund and its service providers ‘ teams worked all through the night and day to repair 609 of these facilities within a two weeks.

The USF network was the most severely hit by the flooding in Balochistan province which saw there were 321 USF sites suffered damage. The number of affected sites was 203. USF websites were in Sindh and 212 sites were affected within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 40 sites were affected in the Punjab province.

According to the document 207 sites that were affected located in Balochistan and 156 sites affected located in Sindh were restored as of. USF and other service companies have restored 207 sites in KP as well as 39 of the sites within Punjab province.

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