Jingdong hosted the skyline, release what signal?

By | May 9, 2021

On May 7, the skyline that did not appear in Shanghai Auto Show appeared in the world’s first China International Consumer Product Expo in the whole industry. At the same time, the skyline has also announced an important thing – reaching a strategic partnership with the Internet giant Jingdong, for this, the skyline and even carefully made a pre-present poster. Jingdong also believes that this cooperation is a “annual event”.

The establishment of this pair of Jingdong, the establishment of “CP” means that the first batch of car new forces in the industry has almost all the Internet giants, including Ai Chi drops, 360 and sky Jingdong, etc., the traditional new forces of the industry And the concept of new forces of the Internet has been blurred, and there are new forces + Internet combination, each has human, financial resources, as sole that you can go to the end, you will see the resource of all parties, and the ability of endogenous evolution.

For the skyline, it is also a recognition and future development of the brand. Due to the birth of the brand in 2017, the new forces in 2014 was late for 3 years later, and some industry insiders thought “relative” slower, the fact is true for the development rhythm of the skyline. Obviously not.

The horizontal contrast has not been launched in the horizontal contrast, and the rhythm is indeed slow, but it is very fast, including the launch of the IMA pure electric architecture, including the IMA pure electric architecture, ME7, ME5 has successively entered the market, especially the recognition of Jingdong, not only highlights the hard strength of the sky, but also, they are quickly moving forward in their own rhythm.

1, further excavate the potential of the smart cockpit

Sky Jingdong CP combination This cooperation is mainly divided into three parts: digital marketing, smart product depth customization and intelligent travel life. With two words, it is marketing and intelligence, let us look at intelligence first.

Currently, automotive intelligence has been unstoppable. According to the data of the multiplier, the intelligent proportion of the passenger car is about 60%, and the proportion of electricization is only about 10%. In other words, automobile intelligence has long been integrated into our lives, and the realization of car intelligence is not a distant thing, and everyone is still reported to 微言, the root cause is that the current intelligence is still stopped. The surface is not deep enough.

According to the core functions, smart vehicles are divided into two major applications of smart driving and smart cockpit, with the former, especially everyone’s attention, the development is also more reliable, and some indifferent to the latter. For these two technologies, different companies have also have focus, such as Tesla is persistent to force smart driving, and the sky is secretly driven to the smart cockpit. As for Xiaopeng, it is the combination of both – taking into account smart driving and intelligence cockpit.

However, with the repeated occurrence of Tesla smart driving, smart driving technology is really mature and has been questioned more and more. A few days ago, even Tesla Software General Engineers were self-supporting their own automatic driving, still in the L2 level, undoubtedly playing Mask’s palms, and also poured a pot of cold water to the current industry intelligent driving development.

As for the smart cockpit, most people’s cognitive only stay in the screen, voice interaction, etc., and some fuel cars can also do such configuration, which is why the passenger car intelligent proportion is directly reasons. However, due to the voltage platform of the fuel car electrical architecture itself, the force is limited, even if the intelligent proportion of fuel cars is high, it is still difficult to support high-order intelligence.

To achieve high-order smart cockpit function, you have to watch electric vehicles, especially for electric vehicles that are born in the pure electric architecture platform. In the evaluation rankings of the smart cockpit after the car, the electric vehicle directly took the next two, they are the skyline ME7, Xiaopeng P7. According to the driving experience of the above two cars, this ranked name is actually in accordance with the driving experience of the above two cars.

Although the visibility of the sky is to be improved, it is still the focus of everyone, one of the important factors is the 5 + X screen, which is the only mass production 5 screen intelligence on the market in Everbright Motors. Electric vehicle. The reason why the skyline car insists on launching 5 screens, and the starting point is on the smart cockpit, in order to allow the front and rear passengers to enjoy intelligent life. Yes, when the smart car era is coming, enjoy the smart convenience is just the main driving or front row, is the back row not equipped?

Objectively, from the basic screen, voice function, to the rear row, the skyline is a step forward. From this time with Jingdong strategic cooperation, the skyline has not yet put down the pace of the way.

According to the statement of the skyline, after the cooperation between the two sides, the skyline of the sky is the ME7 and the upcoming ME5. The future will gradually carry Jingdong car voice, map scene and car payment capabilities, and introduce Jingdong core services, gradually cover the payment from payment Innovation such as shopping, entertainment, and broadcasted traffic interaction between the horizonal car smart cockpit.

For ordinary consumers, how many advantages in Jingdong speech, maps and other basic functions are still unknown, and the differentiation is to import the so-called Jingdong core services. As everyone knows, Jingdong’s kernel is shopping, and the current smart electric vehicle has been networked, theoretical shopping, payment, medical treatment is not a problem, but these functionality is not high, so we care about, in Jingdong, Tianchao Can you activate these practical intelligence, let the car intelligent advanced?

2, lending big Jingdong, replenishing marketing network

Look at “Tianjing” combination second keyword – marketing. The first car in the sky is officially launched in September last year, but the monthly sales of one or two hundreds, the reason, on the one hand, the problem of the battery, and the other, the marketing channel is insufficient. In this regard, there is an industry insiders whether ME7 is competitive, in order to sell the sales, the electromotive force learned from the relevant person, ME7 has already got a thousand orders, so the ME7 product is not strong. In addition, the person also revealed that the first quarter of this year, ME7’s battery emission issues will be resolved, which means that the only factor in hindering ME7 is in marketing channels. The electric potential has also been verified from some intelligent electric vehicle users, and the brand’s visibility and channel is indeed located in the current short board of the sky. Thus, “Tianjing” combine this strategic cooperation, it is more obvious, and its first cooperation content is for digital marketing.

In response to this cooperation, Yu Song Yao, vice president of Sky Car, said, “The two sides will open multi-dimensional resources such as brand, products, users, channels, and promote the competitive advantage of the intelligent travel products and services of the sky.” Specifically, both parties Sharing the deep sharing digital resources, based on Jingdong’s advantages in big data, user resources, numerous supply chains, etc., through the manufacturing of outline topics, brand combined marketing, etc., to help improve the brand value of the sky car.

In fact, the sky is choosing Jingdong on the marketing, and the Tmall chooses to choose Tmall at the time. In June last year, in view of the pre-sales of Euleca brand sales, Elit will focus on the marketing of Tmall, in which the white cat is even by Tmall’s only retail right, and the offline channel is just responsible for test drive. And delivery. Euler’s marketing change is immediate, less than 3 months, Euler broke through 10,000 units in Tmall platform, and more importantly, it also completely activated the vitality of the entire Euleca brand, making it near One of the most developed new energy brands in two years.

Can the sky have a miracle of Europe? It is not known that this online change initiative is correct.

As for the underline part, the horizon will rely on Jingdong Group’s perfect car service industry chain layout, the most core is “Jingbao Jinghui”, this is the most important base of Jingdong Auto Line, we check, deadline At the end of the year, it has radiated 163 cities across the country, and the contract is over 1,200 stores, and the service online is over 10 million. But the problem is that the Beijing-Beijing-Beijing car will be a maintenance point, no vehicle display, sales functions. Sails was brought to the offline experience store, and the effect was full of explosion, and did not know whether Jingdong was willing to re-planning the channel of the sky.

Yuan Ye, general manager of Jingdong Retail Auto Business Department, said that when describing this strategic cooperation, “We actually do car service business, from see, choose, buy, use, change throughout the car consumption life cycle To provide different services. Consumers can screen online, complete the purchase online, then go to the line to complete the performance. Our online Jingdong Jingbian store can help the brand to complete the after-sales service, the technology module can give smart car brands Be a car system. So we actually help the brand to complete all the ecological and systems related to the car. “

Although Yuan Ye said out of the role of Jingdong in this cooperation – building all the ecology related to the car, the offline retail channel session is still a loop. It can also be seen from Jingdong’s conservative that they have not truly decided to participate in the car, but they only do the extension of the current business. Although the industry has been in the industry to determine Jingdong has participated in the car, but it is still far, such as the core, such as the core The capital output section, at least Jingdong has not yet taken out.

Of course, for the skyline, Jingdong is able to make up the marketing part of the powerful line. From the perspective of development, since the choice of signing strategic cooperative relations with the skyrocar, it has been strictly laid the foundation for subsequent strengthening cooperation. According to people familiar with the electric motives, the horizon & Jingdong combination, everything is possible. From the official expression, it is indeed unusual. For example, this year “618” skyline will launch ME5 Jingdong fixed-vehicle, the sky will also introduce Jingdong’s product research and development system. It seems that Jingdong will pay for money, official The car is made.

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