Volkswagen accelerates new energy product layout, ID.3 will be listed in the next year

By | May 8, 2021

As we all know, the new energy market is a big trend in the future auto market. With the coming of 2025, many joint ventures, especially the German brand, began to speed up the layout plan of new energy products. In the recent SAIC Volkswagen brand media conference, it revealed that it will be officially domestic ID .3, like ID.6 x and ID.4, respectively, in the Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen. In addition, this new car will also provide three endurance models will be launched in next year.

The news also made many industries began to be more sad to the public. As a German-old car company that entered the domestic market for many years. Consumers have a very high recognition of the public, especially the public in the hearts of the car, like Nokia in the car, and can save oil. It is just an old-fashioned appearance in the design, compared with the interior of the fashion of the car, and the interior of the scientific and technological sense is not available. The electrified ID series has changed this drawback. In the design, it is more in line with the aesthetics of the current young consumer, and the interior is also more technological and intelligent, plus the environmental protection of pure electric models, believes new car After listed, you will set off a boom in the domestic new energy market.

We also have many times with this public Id.3 through the previous spy photos and Shanghai Auto Show, but as a new car that has not been listed, there are still many owners who don’t know. From the design, the front headlights of the public ID 1.3 are obviously more managing, bringing a stupid cartoon style. Between the two-side headlights passed through the silver chrome trim strip, and the middle is a popular circular logo. As a pure electric vehicle type, the new car canceled the NT settlement, emphasized the identity positioning of its new energy models. The lower grille is used up and down, which is close to the lower half of the entire face, which is very recognized.

From the side of the body, the new car uses a lower waistline design, which continues from the tail light to the front wheel arch, bringing a forward feeling. The alloy hub of the five-scale blade shape is mixed with the hatched body. In terms of body size, the mass ID.3 length is 4261mm * 1809mm * 1552mm, the wheelbase is 2765mm, and there is also excellent space performance in the same case.

At the end of the car, the mass ID.3 uses a split taillight design and a single wiper configuration. The simple hard style is used. The bottom is unveiled, and its pure electric model is emphasized.

In power, the public id.3 is equipped with a maximum power 150kW drive motor and a power battery provided by a Ningde Times. Three endurance models will be provided, and the working conditions are 330km, 420km, and 550km, respectively, and provide fast charge mode.

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