Three old owners, why is there a unique closure to Beijing car?

By | May 8, 2021

From EV150 to EU260 to Beijing EU5 he always chooses Beijing car

Huang Wei is a people’s police, enthusiastic intestines, and help people. At the same time, he is also an 80-year-old car enthusiast, because it is the three Beijing auto tram owners. He organized Beijing Auto Shanghai Che Youhui, as the president, and sharing and exchanges on the use of vehicles on weekdays. .

Beijing car three tram old owners – Huang Wei

Six years ago, Huang Wei was in the end of Beijing. From EV150, to EU260, then to Beijing EU5, so old, as the owner of his evaluation: “I think Beijing car’s pure electric product quality is reliable, after-sales service, especially the battery life, how many times I put the battery The limit, but all successfully reached the destination, which made me feel very practical. “

Talking about the current driving Beijing EU5, Huang Wei believes that this car is enough, driving experience, performance, brake performance, and sharp bending body are relatively stable. Most importantly, no matter the cold, the car is still specified.

Really reliable: “More than 400 kilometers full, do not charge”

Huang Wei purchased Beijing EU5 official endless mileage is 416 kilometers, the farthest runs 413 kilometers, and the whole process does not charge. “There is a tourist, from Zhejiang Taizhou to Shanghai, run more than 400 miles, there is no endless mileage after home, but can also go home, Beijing EU5’s battery life, super to force!” Huang Wei said.

Huang Wei’s second pure electric car – Beiqi New Energy Eu260

Beijing car pure electric product is real, reliable, not only in Beijing EU5 cars, Huang Wei introduced that he has run more than 3,000 kilometers from the Eu260 single way, whether it is charging or driving experience is very ok. “This aspect shows that the sales service of Beiqi new energy is good. The second can also show that the quality of the car of Beiqi’s new energy is really guaranteed, and the car is fascinating.” Huang Wei said.

Beijing Automobile has advanced technology and leading strength in the new energy field, the technical achievements, batteries in the core three-power fields such as batteries, motors, and electric controls, Beijing automobiles are equipped with high-performance three-dimensional lithium batteries from Ningde Times; In terms of the high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor with high power density, high power density, low power density, and the indigenous intelligent electronic control system with complete independent intellectual property, Beijing car has a smart electrical control system, which is 46.5% compared to the traditional electric control volume. The weight is reduced by 40%, and the energy efficiency is increased to 98.5%.

With the “true fire”, Huang Wei and family can always open the trip to go anytime, anywhere.

Spacious space, manipulating: “The family’s travel experience is safer, more comfortable”

Real, reliable life, gave Huang Wei to open the bottom of the travel, comfortable, spacious car space, and the outstanding driving manipulation experience, let him feel relaxed with the family, so as.

As a compact pure electric car, the wheelbase of Beijing EU5 has reached 2670mm, and the space is spacious. The full-scale standard multi-link independently rear suspension, the rear ride experience is comfortable. The configuration of practicality and comfort, whether the old man is still a child, can find the most comfortable state in the car. It is understood that the Beijing EU5 main driving position has electric veneer, and the rear row has a wind, in the intelligent configuration, the function of dual-screen linkage, vehicle remote control can be realized.

Beijing EU5’s hand-controlled performance is also very outstanding, Huang Wei said that the chassis of the vehicle is stable, the filtration of the road is better, the brakes are very clear. Beijing EU5 dynamic performance is prominent, with 160kW maximum power and 300N · m maximum torque, 100 kilometers to accelerate only 7.8s, strong power output makes overtaking, accelerates simplicity, and makes driving feel full.

Finally, he also said that he is not only the owner of the three pure electric products of Beijing, there is also a Beiqi Warrior off-road vehicle. Because Beijing car, Huang Wei fell in some like-minded riders, because there was Beijing car, Huang Wei’s life became rich in colorful.

On the eve of the new energy purchase indicator of Beijing, Beijing Auto, the pure tram type, launched a financial policy of 0 last payment, 0 month supply, 0 interest, holding 500 yuan shopping card and new energy exclusive test drive Gifts and other activities.

Upgrade model Beijing EU5 PLUS also opens booking, now book a gift, financial gift, replacement, no worries, smooth congregation, etc. In addition, there is also a chance to extract Xueqin surprise awards in the three platforms of Zhifa, Jingdong, Tmall, including 5 EU5 Plus to sell 5.5 fold discount (single discount amount to 50,000 yuan), and Li Xueqin signature exclusive car owners certificate .

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