Out of the sea, autonomous high-end reverse output

By | May 8, 2021

Plantation Strategy

On the afternoon of May 6, it officially issued the Norwegian strategy, and took a “sea” to the first step.

Don’t be misleaded by the name “Norwegian strategy”, thinking that it is necessary to make a new set of new patterns.

The so-called Norwegian strategy, more accurate expression should be “a premium transplant strategy”.

Because, with the first product ES8 delivery this year, it will be fully output to the Norwegian market, which is fully named service and user system, including tall cattle house and delivery service center, iconic power-saving station, mobile service vehicle And pick up the car service, the fans are regarded as the Nio app of the spiritual home, and the Nio Life lifestyle brand integrating local elements.

Even, it is still awarded the strategy, and launched the “User Council” recruitment for local consumers. It can be said that the pixel level is fully engraved with the gameplay of the company.

From “guerrilla war” to “position battle”

Entering Norway, things are big.

Norway, a total of more than 5 million people, can’t catch up with most of the provincial capitals in China. The sales volume of 140,000 vehicles last year, probably arrived on the sales of FAW Volkswagen. The only thing worth mentioning is that this 140,000 units have 76,000 units, accounting for more than 50%.

Things say new is not new.

Before it is, Xiaopeng, which is the new force head, has been delivered in Norway in Norway last September. It is unsatisfactory in China. At present, there are nearly 2,000 European exports, not much less domestic sales. Weima signed an intent agreement last year and Uber to export EX5 as a operand to Europe.

Neither the big market, I didn’t grab the so-called “head color”, the Norwegian strategy of it is, where is it?

I have the biggest look at the Norwegian market.

Usually, the domestic car company is in the sea, the strategic level likes to say, to all, “global”, the conservative point is also “continent”. Like it, it is a specific small market to publish strategies, and the target, the granularity of action is so high, and it is not very common.

The information behind it is very clear: you must sink in this market.

According to Li Bin and Qin Lihong, it was awarded an agreement with Norway in 2018. It has been finally in the past two years before and after the last year is better than the plan.

According to this, it is also possible to see the attitude towards overseas markets: either don’t do it, you have to do it deeply.

In this case, Select Norway as the first stop, relatively sensible. Not only because the local market has high penetration rate, the foot is large, but also because Norway as a model of low-carbon society, it is under the spotlight. It can be stable here, and the demonstration effects of the product, service or even business model are significant.

Looking back, it is a way to play this step by step, which is clearly different from the new forces.

Earlier, whether it is Xiaopeng, Selith’s testic small batch export, or Ai Chi, Weima has opened the European market from the operation, there is a strong “guerrilla” color, not pursuing fixed front, caught The opportunity is put on a shot, flexibility is full. Unlike the like this, after the schedule, it will be in a large number of grain and grass, and the old man is building the wall, and it has played the position of the battle.

From “Borrowing Boat” to “Shipbuilding”

Behind the play is the difference in strategic objectives.

Tell the guerrilla war, or adhere to the opportunistic chance of “dry a vote is a vote”, of course, more than the “wall outside the wall, the inner fragrance”, add points to the brand through overseas face. When playing the position, it is to treat the target market with long-term thinking, and you have to do a good job in sustained investment and long-term consumption.

Of course, in the European market fight, it is not the first one. Do not say anything else, single, the Norwegian market is ranked in April, you can find two “China” faces in the top 10: Produce exports to Europe’s polar 2, and the EZS of SAF. The scope will expand some, which can be included in the Geely Jack that landed in Europe last year.

Unlike guerrillas, they have a clear strategic intent for the European market, with a complete marketing system, and pay attention to the brand. For example, a meaningful detail is that the first cattle house in the Central Oslo is the first cattle house, and is a poor experience store.

However, it is the first to be the first to “self-sufficiency”.

Needresses and packets don’t have to say more, relying on the big tree in Volvo. Mark is in Europe in Europe, although it is now attributed to steam, the brand’s foundation is still, and Western consumers are not difficult.

Therefore, strictly said that they can only count the sea from Geely and SAIC “borrowing boat”. Compared with it, born in China, more than domestic, it is “shipbuilding”. It is the product, service and user system that is completely relieved in the domestic market.

In other words, in the face of the mature market in Europe, this may be the first real output of the new forces brand.

The antergeous gas is from itself on the one hand. With more than 100,000 user trays and elevation sales, there is a good product lineup and mature service system. More importantly, the basic running business model is basically the high-end image. Waiting for it, it seems to be applied in more markets.

On the other hand, after contrast, the strong row and subsidies, the European new energy market is full of vitality. Taking the Norwegian market as an example, from the Nissan Listening, BMW I3, BMW I3, until the Late Tron E-Tron and Volkswagen Id.3, and then in April .4 on top of. You sing me to debut, all players have a chance, very lively. It is time to enter this point in time, it is time.

What is the front path?

The challenge is nature. It is a small mood in the new energy industry in the world, but in the eyes of ordinary consumers abroad, it is only one of the “Rise China New Energy Brands”. In particular, it is a high-end, read Qi BBA, want to persuade Western consumers who value luxurious blood, need to pay some effort.

Products and service levels, it can have enough air. The Audi E-Tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC, BMW IX3, Jaguar I-PACE, and Even BBA’s follow-up products, ES8 and EQC, ED7 are the power of the European market. At the same time, the babysitter service and complement system, get the European market, and more desperately destroyed.

The challenge on the brand is the largest. Create a high-end brand and extremely time consuming. In the domestic market, there is a powerful grip of user models, and it will take shortcuts in a sense. But can European consumers recognize a foreign new brand, even in emotional resonance, not judged.

Most importantly, the Chinese will pay for the “circle” of the Nordic, and it is also necessary to practice verification and answer.

Li Bin and Qin Lihong said that the essence of the company is nothing in the overseas changes, and the most adaptive adjustment according to the characteristics of the regional market. The general manager of Jida Norwegian also said that it will “create a happy lifestyle” to create a “car as a starting point, sharing joy, and common growth.”

Therefore, the two major weapons, NIO APPs, NIO APP and Nio Life, will continue to play an important role in the development of the brand. How to play fans overseas in overseas, worth looking forward to.

One thing is affirmative, the fan economy has taken time. It is also said that the Norwegian market does not have sales indicators in short-term, and it is a good job of losses. In Europe’s long-term target bottom limit is 50,000, the ideal is 100,000.

In contrast, Mr. has been operating in Europe for many years, and sales have dropped more than 25,000 last year. Cheer, Chang’an, Geely, Great Wall, which is earlier in the sea, and the overseas tray is 114,000, 82,000, 72,000, 70,000 last year. It can be seen that it is not a low goal.

Down to this goal, enter Norway, can only be a small step. But this step is not related to the quantity in a sense.

In the end, participate in global competition, you have to participate in global competition, you can’t shout the rise, the corner overtake, but the heart is old, and the eyes are still staring at the third world. Still this idea, don’t have a wave of intelligent, but also push up the high-end brand.

In the wave of new brands, the Chinese and foreign markets have born many new brands in the Chinese and foreign markets, they are really living and have a name in the world public opinion. Nowadays, it is now born, rooted in China’s mode to output to a more mature market, and have done a lot of traditional brands who want to do anything.

Have to say, this is also a milestone of China’s independent brand.

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