Mercedes-Benz EQS: It is a creator, will not be “chasing the spot”

By | May 8, 2021

In the era of fuel trucks, BBA is an absolute luxury top flow. In the case of electricization into the direction of development, countless new car companies have become the leader of this era with the ancestors of design and performance. Whether it is the pre-stock madness, it is still the world’s sales of dusty Tesla, such as the traditional luxury car companies such as BBA, in front of them, in front of them. However, as the Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-Benz, the traditional luxury brand is not as low as the strength in the field of electricization, and EQS is the best proof.

Mercedes-Benz EQS, interpretation of luxurious pure electric flagship strength

EQS is the first flagship sedan created based on the Mercedes-Benz new pure electric platform EVA architecture. The fate of the previous EQ series model oil is extremely different, Mercedes EQS has the most pure pure electric blood. The first + flagship positioning of the pure electric platform, EQS collection Mercedes thousands of pets, not only brought subversive from the design, but also the Mercedes-Benz electrified large benchmark work.

From visual feelings, Maybach’s color matching and standard newly-colored body design makes us feel luxurious and surprised. Different from the long-lived design of the Mercedes-Benz S-grade fuel car, in EQS, the C-column and the A column extends as a car tail and head, bringing a more spacious vision and space in the car. But this has also been treated by many people. It is believed that the short-hanging Mercedes-Benz has no luxury, in fact, this is not because the concept of most people in the fuel-saving era, thinks that luxury administrative cars should have a repair The front of the head, giving people more elegant visual enjoyment, showing a distinguished ride experience. But Mercedes-Benz as the inventor of the car, why not bonded to the traditional aesthetics with EQS by electricization this century-old change?

In addition, the rounded body and “arcuate” roof also brings more cost-effective shapes for EQS. Such bold shape design not only makes EQS and traditional Mercedes-Benz fuel cars first cleared the boundary, but also brought a lower wind resistance coefficient. In fact, Mercedes-Benz EQS is only 0.2cd, which is the lowest model of wind resistance coefficient in the world, which also helps to improve the battery life.

In addition to appearance, Mercedes-Benz EQS is designed to be sufficiently submerged. The concept of EQS interior is a new “digital luxury”, no interior design of traditional fuel trains, EQS shows us a 141 cm MBUX super screen to show us what is called “Everything is all Screen”. The large screen extends from one side door to the other side, connects the two on the A column, and the two ends are inlaid in a traditional Mercedes-Benz oil car, which is also in subversion, to Mercedes. Classic pay tribute.

This screen is the maximum size human machine intersessional interface provided by Mercedes-Benz, with 8 core CPU, 24GB memory and 46.4GB memory bandwidth, more than 350 sensors, providing powerful hardware support for intelligence. . However, it is apparent that intelligent is never determined by hardware that is still on the size of the screen, but the software power taken under the screen.

Previously, the system of MBUX overlapping has been equipped in the Mercedes-Benz fuel truck, and the system on the EQS has improved in AI artificial intelligence and electronic intelligence navigation. Improved AI systems can actively learn user habits, in the long interaction process, form a user’s exclusive usage habit, bring more convenience to use.

As a luxury brand flagship model, Mercedes-Benz EQS is equipped with a battery pack of 107.8kWH, and the full-time battery life under the CLTC standard can reach 800km. Corresponding to the battery capacity is the highest 200kW fast charge, at which power, Mercedes EQS charging is only 15 minutes, and the battery can increase by 300km. The highest 385KW motor power output is equipped with a maximum of 4.3 seconds.

The situation changes, the whole process

EQS is the first pure electric flagship sedan of Mercedes, but in fact, Mercedes-Benz electricization has been conceived in 2018. TITLR has not domestically produced, just delivered, car electricity is only in the stage of exploration. The Mercedes-Benz has published a strategic concept called “Future” (CASE), which means that the EQ electric model with L3-level automatic driving ability is introduced in 2020, and all the models have been electrified in 2022, and at least 50 models are launched. New energy passenger car, transform SMART into pure electric vehicle brand.

However, all kinds of changes, such as the changes in the internal high-level, the performance of EQC is flat, and the new crown epidemic in the early 2020, the Mercedes-Benz’s Case ideas do not get substantial advancement, Smart also Sold to Geely. So in October 2020, Mercedes-Benz is the goal of “2039 Vision”, and released a new strategic route again.

Under this strategy, Mercedes-Benz plans to 2025, more than 25% of global sales are pure electric models; to 2030, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles will account for more than 50% of the global sales; to 2039, dedicated to The carbon neutralization of new vehicle new models of passenger cars and the zero impact on air quality of urban centers. In order to achieve this vision, Mercedes-Benz has to implement oil-to-rai models and pure electric architectural flagship models, to ensure that the product is able to lay out faster in various fields. At the Shanghai Auto Show, the EQA and EQB released by Mercedes-Benz and the EQC previously released are based on fuel versions, GLCs, GLA and GLB, which is fast, such product updates are fast, and the R & D cost is lower. Will be more close to people, help Mercedes-Benz quickly occupy the market in major electric vehicle subdivision.

In addition, starting from EQS, Mercedes also creates flagship pure tram type based on EVA pure electric architecture platform, including subsequent EQE, EQS SUV and EQE SUV three models. Of course, as a flagship model, the luxury positioning of the model created by the EVA platform is self-evident, and the price will also be the name of the flagship. Its main purpose is to establish a luxurious style of Mercedes-Benz again in the electric field.

After 2025, Mercedes-Benz will launch a new car built based on the compact level and medium-sized car pure electric MMA platform. The platform will compete for the research and development of the medium-sized car to further improve the array of electric vehicles. It is a product of the future of Mercedes-Benz Electricized Series, truly and Tesla and other brands to seize the market.

At last:

EQS is the S-class of the EQ series, not the S-class EQ, this sentence, is the viewpoint of the Mercedes-Benz high-end high-rise in the new car unanimously conveyed. In addition, the new car is not only different from the source of the previous oil, but more wants to express, since EQS is the beginning, Mercedes-Benz will start from the upper electric supply layout, which is also re-established in this field to re-establish your own luxury style. .

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