Unmanned net money is coming, and Apollo announced that it will be opened on May 2.

By | May 3, 2021

Speaking of Baidu, the founder Li Yanhong and the author are still in the fellow, when Google is in the global search entry, Baidu’s rise makes the people have their own convenient and easy search bar, and there are many netizens like Baidu clean. The neat page is set to Baidu. However, with the hundred years ago, a few years ago, a lot of false advertisements have led to Baidu, even by consumers.

But throwing these ways to say that Baidu has a large amount of information and big data, which has a huge amount of information and big data in unknown technologies. Like Huawei, Dabin’s Internet companies, Baidu’s main attack direction is also unmanned technology. At the press conference, it has initially demonstrated its results on a specific road. Experience how many years of improvement and revision, now finally told. It is reported that the number of L4-level automatic driving technology used in Baidu Apollo and more than 10 million kilometers, and the only independent enterprise in which the world ‘s research and development of automatic driving technology is also achieved.

On April 29, Baidu Apollo officially announced the opening of the normalized business operation, will be open to the public. This also means that Baidu drone technology is still mature, and consumers who are trying to experience can be online on the Internet, but only some of the Beijing Shougangyuan and other regions are put into driver models. This is also the first domestic unmanned shared network.

Change the driver’s system, and let the shared car this proliferated market or will rejuvenate again. Unlike ordinary sharing cars, Baidu launched unmanned online regions need to scan the QR code before paying the payment, and register the health code to get on the bus, which also guarantees that the carrier is The epidemic has not ended the security. After scanning the cod, passengers only need to click to start the stroke, sharing cars will have no fastening, and the door is turned off after the door is closed.

According to Baidu Apollo, in the next 3 years to 5 years, it will put 1 million online approximation vehicles equipped with unmanned technology to the market. This also represents that after Baidu search, the true unmanned commercialization will be officially opened by Baidu.

It is believed that more and more unmanned online us will appear in our lives. This is obviously a good gospel for a lot of busy work learning, there is no time to take a driver’s license.

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