Meizu announced and MINI launched a joint version of the car, why did you suffer?

By | May 1, 2021

Speaking of the car, since Le Shi Juenting opened the cross-border dreams, the domestic cross-border the car has frequently appeared, and more and more new power of the car is also emerging. Although Jia Yueping’s cargo plan is still not achieved, but the real car such as Xinyi, Weima and other new forces have offline, and it is even more recognized by the domestic owners. Consumers are not hugging for cross-borders. Have a skeptical mentality.

Many Internet and even industrial big coffacies have also attracted more and more companies to join new energy vehicles. This potential is endless. On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, the well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi broke the news that the car is to be made. After that, he has experienced a high-management rumor and official, in short, mobile phone merchants have done a good burning money. Prepare, officially enter the new energy vehicle area. At the same time, Huawei also reaffirmed that the upstream supplier of car companies will only provide relevant intelligent procedures, and better serve the car.

With Huawei, Xiaomi or even foreign Apple bottoming, mobile phone manufacturers don’t seem to be. The Shanghai Auto Show has just ended. On May 1st, the Meizu for mobile phone manufacturers also throw a smoke bomb, officially won the big poster, “the first cooperation -, talk tomorrow.” Many netizens and industry people start Guess, the charm probability is also in the car market, even if it is not directly to the car, it will become the same upstream supplier of Huawei, Dasheng.

However, the result is unexpected, the Meizu posted the JCW racing in MINI, and said it will participate in the 2021 Masters Challenge. It looks quite high-end, from the shape of the new car, no matter whether it is a fashion border between Blue Red White, it is still a strong style of the tail, it is also a strong style of air kinetics. The track model is both visual. Meizu 18 on the side of the body is more eye-catching, bringing a sense of exaggerated advertising banner.

Seeing this, many netizens are also curious, the car is a good car, the appearance does see the joint identification of the Meizu, but what is the charming of this car design? It is reported that Meizu took this opportunity to say that the vehicle system will be made, and the new ecology of Flyme and the Flyme For Car vehicle system.

It is said that many people here understand that the so-called cooperation is that Meizu provides a new car system for MINI, with Huawei, Daxin, providing hard-core driving intelligence technology, Meizu is more like a car mobile phone system same. Moreover, the paint of the body 18 also made people think of the 18th anniversary of the 18th anniversary of the 18th anniversary of March, of course, this is a mobile phone.

It can only be said that the Meizu is a car or a car enterprise supplier. I believe people will welcome, after all, will drive the development of new energy auto markets in China, but this news, more brings to people are an advertising promotion, let Many netizens are also crying, can only say that this wave of advertisements who sell mobile phones are all known.

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