BYD Song Plus EV: 200,000 Electric SUV Practical Choice

By | May 1, 2021

The space is high, expected to become another hot car after Han EV.

The electric vehicle market presents dumbbell form, and the high-end market is not good to sell, the sales model represented by Han EV is good, and the mulberry MINI EV of the low-end market continues to sell. But in the daily purchase of consumers, the number of products in the upper 10-20 million yuan, and the car is a product that can be taken.

During the consumption upgrade of the automobile consumer, SUV has replaced the car to become the first choice for family consumers, and the car companies have not been able to launch a large number of consumers, space, and color value. Products for demand.

For car companies, there are also some feelings of “embarrassing”, subject to cost, catering companies are difficult to be within 200,000 yuan, let a pure electric SUV becomes multiple hands, in space, power, color value, and battery life. Have a good performance.

Song Plus EV models launched by BYD, or have the ability to become multi-faceted.

The Song Plus EV has exceeded 4.7 meters, the shaft distance is 2765 mm, and the interior space is among the best in the same class model. 135KW power level, 505 km working constant mileage, can also satisfy consumers. In terms of intelligence, Song Plus EV has an ACC adaptive cruise, LKS active lane maintenance and other L2 intelligent auxiliary driving functions.

Soong Plus EV for multi-faced hand does have a good paper parameter, and it seems quite “can play” in electric SUV market below 200,000 yuan. How is the comprehensive strength of this car? How is driving feelings?

With this question, “Electric Car Observer” in Beijing’s spring breeze, tested the Song Plus EV.


Han Dynasty color value

After the Dragonface design language is launched, BYD’s new car is no longer “a person fight”, and the appearance has formed a unified family style, and the Song Plus EV is no exception.

Song Plus EV uses the Dragonface3.0 pure tram family design style, and the front of the front of the head is fully enclosed, and the chrome-plated decorative strip is formed. This design style is to inherit from the smuggling of the red flag ship model Han EV.

Different from Han EV, Song Plus EV daytime driving light, inherited the ice blue day driving light design, the full “777” style of the headlight group, the design inspiration Dragon claw.

On the side of the body, the visual feelings of Song Plus EV are biased towards motion, and the body D column position is contrary, greatly enhances the sense of motion. The whole waist line, is in the face of Han EV, especially the waist line of the side of the cabin, and the Han EV is as follows.

It is worth mentioning that a black trim strip in the D-column position is a mark that continues from the old Song car model.

The tail section, Song Plus EV has a good level, slender chrome-plated trim strip and the combination of through the tail lights, enhances the identity.

Similar to the appearance, the interior design style of the Song Plus EV continues from the BYD Han Dynasty, the overall style is biased toward the Chinese luxury concept. The interior has eclipsed blue and the sky gray color, which is the starting model in the BYD train, even leading to BYD Han EV light-colored interior version.

The front seat of the Song Plus EV adopts a one-piece headrest seat and is equipped with orange suture, visually feels biased towards sports style, but the ride is more comfortable.

The rear seat still uses the traditional split headrest design. The chair design is ergonomic. The seat is subjected to soft, the seat back supports up to 11 angles of adjustment, and the back is put down when traveling. Half lying posture rides, enhance the ride experience.

Thanks to 2765mm long-axis, the back of the Song Plus EV has a longitudinal space, and the rear floor uses all the flat design, so it is a comfortable sitting posture.

Song Plus EV’s trunk space has some horizontal, rich in function, anchor, lighting function, and the trunk cover can also be placed in double layer.

After placing the trunk cover on the upper layer, after the rear seat, the entire trunk space can be extended to the full flat space of the in-depth, enough to support two adults.

From the appearance of the interior design and space performance, Song Plus EV is more sports in the competition of Guangqi V, Xiaopeng G3, Weima EX5, and the space performance is several models. A bigger.


Continue to configure a rich advantage

BYD never let consumers disappointed on the configuration, and Song Plus EV is no exception.

In terms of electricity configuration in the whole vehicle, the Song Plus EV uses a 12.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard, which has high clarity. The UI design is improved, and the content is rich, slightly regrettable is that this sharp-high screen is not possible. Supports high-end smart driving assistance such as AR real navigation.

The recreation screen is still the BYD family-type rotating screen design, and the entertainment system is upgraded to the Dilink3.0 intelligent web system.

In the software adaptation, Dilink3.0 comes with rich apps, supporting daily use of Himalaya, Gaode Map, while Dilink3.0 also supports app stores, and can download Android App from the third-party app store through browsers.

In terms of seat configuration, the main deputy driving seat of Song Plus EV supports 8 to electric adjustment and ventilation heating. Whether it is the South or a northern consumer, it can guarantee the winter warm and summer cool, and the main driving also supports two Set of memory capabilities. As smartphones popularize wireless charging, cars also follow the trend and began supporting wireless charging. The mobile phone wireless charging panel of Song Plus EV is located in front of the throttle. It is equipped with a non-slip pad, but when in use, the reaction speed of the wireless charging slow plate is slightly slow, and the phone will take about 2 seconds to stand around the phone to start charging, I don’t know What is the reason?

Song Plus EV still retains traditional USB ports, and the front row of two USB ports are located under the rod.

The USB port used by the rear passers-through, with a total of 2, located at the lower part of the rear air conditioner, with the design of the storage tank, the mobile phone can have a safe placement position to avoid safety hazards during the driving process.

The back row of Song Plus EV uses privacy glass, even if there is no film, it can have a good effect on heat insulation and privacy.

Electric tail, although not all standard, only in high-profile models, but in BYD official APP, it supports post-installation.

Vtol 220V mobile power plant function, as the BYD’s home function, is fully standard on the Song Plus EV.

In the automotive base configuration, BYD never been embarrassed, this is a gospel for consumers. Rich configuration, an important reason is that most of the accessories BYD can produce themselves, and more advantages in cost control.


Auxiliary driving skills can be used

The smart auxiliary driving function of Song Plus EV is relatively rich, supporting ACC adaptive cruise, LKS active lane holding, AEB automatic emergency brake system, HMA intelligent remote light, etc. Higher order intelligent auxiliary driving.

On the hardware level, Song Plus EV is equipped with 3 millimeter waveradades, 6 HD cameras, and 8 ultrasonic radar.

In the actual experience, the ACC adaptive cruise function of Song Plus EV is more useful, and can be turned on above 30km / h and supports the brake stop function. In the case of frequent starting traffic, Song Plus EV can follow the front vehicle to start and stop, and can greatly alleviate the driver’s driving fatigue.

The active lane maintenance function of Song Plus EV should have a good performance when the national standard expressway should be. However, it is subject to the limitations of narrow visual fields. When urban road conditions, the active lane maintain function is not high.

It is worthy of that the 360 ​​image function of the Song Plus EV has a good performance, the clarity of the screen is clear and the lane line is clear, and supports the transparent body function. When special road conditions, the transparent car can help the driver to avoid obstacles.

Unfortunately, Song Plus EV does not support automatic parking functions, although the automatic parking function of the same level is not easy to use, but if there is no need to use it, it should first meet the consumer for The needs, I hope that the Song Plus EV can join this feature in the next annual amount.


Driving feelings do not radical

Unlike the appearance of the sports style, the driving experience of Song Plus EV is biased towards home comfort.

Song Plus EV has three driving modes of ECO, NORMAL, SPORT, while supporting standards and larger kinetic energy feedback strengths.

Three driving modes, two kinetic energy feedback strengths, allowing the driver to choose the driving experience you want.

The front 135kw permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can output the torque of the maximum 280N.m when the start is started. After the SPORT mode is turned on, the relatively straight-back feeling is directly.

Since this test drive is carried out on the public road, there is no more intense driving. On the suburban road and the highway, Song Plus can give the driver’s relatively high driving experience, and the lateral support of the turn is good.

Former Mai Fafson, the suspension structure of the post multiple rods, which belongs to the graduation of the rear torsion beam structure in the same level. The latter multi-link suspension is indeed, so that the back row of the Song Plus EV is improved, and the side of the incident is not large.

Song Plus EV uses a 71.7 kWh blade battery pack with a energy density ratio of 140WH / kg, which is equipped with liquid cooling and battery heating.

The performance parameters of the blade battery are not protruding, but in terms of safety, in different types of power cells, more excellent, can pass the cell monomer puncture test.

Overall, Song Plus EV is a cost-effective product. In the same level, space, power and configuration are highly advantageous, and intelligent auxiliary driving skills can be used, hardware configuration is even leading.

For household consumers who pay attention to safety, the blade battery is more secure than a three-dimensional lithium battery that is generally employed by the competing vehicle.

Song Plus EV is a quite competitive product, but the car is only sold in BYD E. Refers to the reality of the sales of E Nets, whether the competitive Song Plus EV has become another hot product after Han EV, we still need to wait and see.

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