Two “grab the parking space”, the two “grab the parking space”, will be stopped, R8 or Audi new car code number

By | April 30, 2021

I believe that the owner of the 90s after 90 has experienced the age of Tencent QQ, whether it is to steal the dish or a bloody space is a casual game that most people have played, which is also the first time we have in contact with each other. A luxury car, of course, the second hand. To say that the most memorable models in the car are still the Audi TT, and the two of the Audi R8 pull the best sports car, but in recent years, as people’s enthusiasm for SUV, even the super run giants such as Lamborghin began to launch. Performance level SUV, the sports car on the streets also proceeded less.

Recently, Audi New CEO, Marcus Dusman, said that in order to help Audi’s smooth reduction cost electrification reform, the Audi R8 probability of V10 power will be discontinued. And the model of the suspension of the suspension also includes another child’s year of Audi TT. But the discontinuation of the discontinuation we know, these two models will launch a pure electric version of Audi TT and the Audi R8 model. Seeing that many people here may think, since it will launch a pure electric vehicle model, what is it called? Selling soil?

If it is true to maintain the existing model design, only the new car of the motor is replaced by the electric motor, and it is naturally unchanging, but according to the Audi high-level, R8 is not for a single model, he is a brand under Audi. It will also be a completely different new car in the future. That is to say, the future Audi R8 is the same as the current fuel version of the model, the brand is outside Audi, and others are completely authentic new cars, and only feel feelings for us.

In fact, I have already presumed foreign media early, and the PB18E-TRON concept car released in the 2018 Audi may now be the pure electric car model of R8, but this statement is not further implemented.

It is understood that the public that is the German brand will also increase the support of Audi to introduce the electric sports car series, including the offer of its dedicated EV platform. The future successors of R8 and TT may also return to our life through the MEB pure electric platform.

In recent years, the trend of new energy vehicles is more and more fierce, from the past microcompansion to the new power of the major car, the traditional car enterprise is not only launching pure electric or inserted in the existing fuel model. Mixed models are also continuously introduced new pure electric models. Among them, the transformation of new energy models is accelerated in the Japanese car, independent brands and Germany. I believe that in the near future, the new energy model completely replaces the traditional fuel car is only a matter of time.

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