Automatic driving authority ranking: Tesla countdown, Baidu ranked

By | April 30, 2021

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It is well known that the current auto market is in a huge change, all major cars are embraced electricization, and they have launched their own electric platforms or electric vehicles. On the other hand, development intelligence has also become all A consensus of the main plant: the future of the car competition in the future, must be intelligent.

Automatic driving, it is undoubtedly the palm pearl on the smart car. Through rich sensor configuration, advanced algorithm, high-level automatic driving can achieve autonomous by A point to B point process, no need for human drivers, It is quite attractive.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, this is a high-level automatic driving to achieve (L4 or more), with the current level of technical level, so that the entire industry is still working hard toward the final vision.

Recently, the world’s leading public and commercial consulting firm Guidehouse issued a list of automatic driving competitiveness, including many of our familiar figure, domestic enterprise Baidu is a column automatic driving leader camp, strength visible A spot.

Guidehouse divides it into four grades of “leaders”, “competitors”, “challenger”, “followers” according to the execution capabilities and strategic capabilities.

Back to the list, there is no exception, Waymo has won the list of 85.6 points, incubation in Google, with a long time, large-scale continuous investment, Waymo is still the scale or technical strength, in the industry Absolutely in the position of the leader.

Rank 2, three, is the Baidu of Ford’s Argo Ai and the Baidu called Huangpu Military Academy in the automatic driving area, and they are also located in the leader camp.

Possible people on Baidu’s awareness is still on the search engine, but in fact, Baidu is definitely a hegemony in the automatic driving area, starting from 2013, launching the world’s first automatic driving open platform Apollo . After more than 8 years of development, Baidu Apollo has formed three open platforms with automatic driving, intelligent transportation, and automobile intelligence. It is not too much to drive the first company for domestic automatic driving.

At the end of the list, there have also been a very familiar name – Tesla score only 34.7 points, and the company is almost unable to form any challenges. Why is this list below in this list?

Guide House believes that Tesla is a discouraged, which has exaggerated, which also leads to a number of deadly car accidents that occurred due to the auxiliary driving system of Drivers Tesla.

“Unless Tesra is more honest, it is not too likely to improve” this is the original words given by Guidehouse.

In fact, Tesla’s automatic driving assistance system can only be considered L2 +-level driving assistance, we admit that it is very good in some respects, but itself has exaggerated and even deceptive marketing terms, let this only “60” The product of the division is mistaken to reach the level of “80 points”, which eventually leads to many accidents, this is definitely a taboo of automatic driving.

Once again, Tesla is now insisting on pure visual route, there are too many shortcomings, and the current industry is currently: I want to achieve higher levels of automatic driving, laser radar must not be missing.

In general, the gap between the list of lists and 2020 is not changed, which also verifies that the industry takes time to accumulate, but there is one day, “Sitting on the car, this scene”, Finally will be implemented.

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