Guangqi Mitsubishi full of debut Shanghai Auto Show A图 Ke “first-loudly” open the pure electric age

By | April 29, 2021

On April 19, the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition opened. This year, the significance of the Shanghai Auto Show is different from that, it is not only the first large international auto show in the opening, which is in the context of the Times. This is also the first international auto show of the China 14th Five-Year Planning and Opening, which is also the Chinese car market. Fully restore vitality and the epidemic, and establish a big exhibition in the market confidence. This auto show can also be regarded as a rapid growth of electric vehicle demand, the car electricity competition, the electric vehicle model from the auto show can be seen in the situation of “half-waters”.

In this heavyweight, as a powerful car enterprise, the Chinese auto market for many years, Guangqi Mitsubishi brought the model to the model, showing powerful product offensive. Among them, the new pure tram-type Asta Ke (Airtrek) officially opened the Guangzhou Auto Mitsubishi pure electricity; the digital service platform “M-Space” App released, further strengthened brand service. The arrival of these, can be described as “double swords” in the product and service, and empower the brand. With the upgrade of brand product lines and service lines, it will have to bring more product options and better brand services to consumers, so that consumers have got a better life.

Dao Ge also learned from the Shanghai Auto Show that while the service and product rejuvenation, Guangqi Mitsubishi also launched the “May 1 Special Group Press Season” activity. You can enjoy a lot of car welfare before May 30, and the activity is still good. of.

A图 Ke opens the pure electricity combustion in combustion

The announcement of the ATIC’s product name is a big look at Guangzhou Mitsubishi in the Shanghai Auto Show – this is not a simple product name announcement, but announced a new era.

Although Atuko has not yet been listed, from the official disclosure of the information, as the first new energy model of the two sides, it has inherited Mitsubishi Motto’s 100-year-old product, and Guangqi Group in the new energy field. Strength provides new development models and development paths to joint venture vehicles. For the resources of the product, Atuk’s body can see the best product car resources that both sides can provide, which is destined to be a new energy product of a gene; for users of the product, As a new pure electric, large space SUV model, ATOC has accurately grasped the preferences of China’s consumers on mobile travel needs, and it is also in line with my country’s “carbon neutral” environmental development.

Interpretation A图 Ke’s English name, which is more helpful for consumers understand the content and meaning of its naming. Airtrek contains Ambition (exploring a field of unknown domain), Interesting (experienced experience), Relationship (possibility of more relationships), Talent (ever-talent), regeneration, Evolution (continuous Attack, decisive evolution), Key (with intellectual key, exciting “new inductance”), passing it will have a strong experience, with the new generation of new generation with vitality, “New” inductive should explore the ambition of the unknown field of electric life. Summary in a sentence, ATOK’s naming reflects the brand spirit of GAC Mitsubishi and its product positioning.

Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi uses ATOK as a “knocking brick” that opens a new energy market, has already completed its homework. For ATOK, which will be listed within the year, its more rich design, better space performance, superior joint venture, will meet the multi-demand for high-quality, large space, high quality, accompany users Turn on the beautiful life of pure electric travel.

A Tu Ke clearly showed the ambition of Guangqi Mitsubishi to attack the pure electric vehicle. One side is a continuous breakthrough attitude toward GAC Mitsubishi to the new energy field; The full-scale fuel model represented by the Shu enjoy the series is concentrated in the Shanghai Auto Show. Ou Zaide is a star model of GAC Mitsubishi. The model rejuvenation has also brought the exterior and interior of the whole line upgrade. At the same time, 7 large space and other product advantages are also “second family” travel, multi-person casual travel, multi-person Business travel, etc. provide new options. From the product system, GAC Mitsubishi’s layout further covers a broader consumer group. In this way, in the fuel-saving and new energy market, Guangzhou Auto Mitsubishi is formed into a powerful SUV product matrix of rich products such as Ou Lan, Xinjin, Yuge, Pajero Jinti, A图 Ke, will compensate for each subdivision. SUV market.

In addition, Guangqi Mitsubishi is in the product, with consumers, and increases product development, this year, the new R & D center will invest in this year. Since then, Guangqi Mitsubishi will form a “one-piece” development pattern of two wings, engine plant and R & D center as two wings, radiation surrounding automotive parts supporting enterprises. Sustained R & D investment will directly assist in Guangzhou Mitsubishi Science and Technology, intelligent, quality-wide product development, providing consumers with a better car experience.

“M-Space” upgrade version 2.0 builds new owners ecosystem

In 2021, it was the year of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and Guangqi Group proposed a digital transformation strategy for the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the enterprise. This strategy proposes that the digital wave sweeps the world, and the action plan given by Guangzhou Automobile on this era proposition. As a joint venture car company in Guangqi Group and Mitsubishi Motor, Guangqi Mitsubishi quickly responded to the call of the group and the group’s digital transformation strategy, the release of “M-Space” in digital service platform “M-Space” is an opportunity to launch marketing changes last year. In less than half a year, “M-Space” quickly blossoms, and established a “super link” of Guangqi Mitsubishi and fans with amazing speed. Guangqi Mitsubishi is exploring and fun brand culture, gets more and more fans, users’ identity and love, they are driving from traditional “consumers”, transforming into brands, “creators” and “partners”, automotive industry The communication model of brand and users is also quietly rewritten. At this Shanghai Auto Show, the new upgrade “M-Space” APP version 2.0 is officially released. The “M-Space” App 2.0 is online, essentially the new upgrade of brand service, which will be interacted with the car, through the construction of interaction, car, marketing, marketing three functional systems, for fans, users bring more close The interactive experience, more sound use of car function, richer marketing function, further optimizing the interactive marketing ecotry circle. This marks the speed of the transformation of the digital strategic transformation of GAC Mitsubishi, which also indicates that the communication of GAC Mitsubishi and brand users will be richer, more and more convenient. Imagine a rich product line, a digital service platform, what is the strong combination of the two, what is the user? It is a comprehensive concern to consumers from watching the car to the car to the full life cycle to consumers. As long as consumers choose the car products of GAC Mitsubishi, the brand will use the car to interact as the core, provide more convenient, intelligent, and intimate car service.

Brand upgrade strong empowerment has brought more rich product lineups and more focused services. This is the “service + product” pretty combination of GAC Mitsubishi. On this unique brand of branded, it is believed that consumers will be willing to upgrade products and services.

Customer-centric Guangqi Mitsubishi feels not enough, let more consumers experience the charm of Mitsubishi products, but also add “a fire” in the purchase of car, so, there is next to send it. “May 1 Special Group Press Season” activity.

During the period from May 1st to 30th, the purchase of the car is free of charge, the air conditioner can be replaced, and the air conditioner can be replaced, and the air conditioner depth is sterilized 1 time. 1 yuan to make an appointment test drive, you can grab the super-text and friendly lobster, win “to explore the fun of the Changsha”, invite you to meet the Janda experience the authentic Xiang flavor. In addition, the purchase cars can be purchased, and the highest 3 years of insurance and millions of driving insurance, and 60 long loaniod, and a variety of 0 interest financial schemes are available. Some models can be replaced to high can also enjoy 8,000 yuan subsidies, and the limited city is 10,000 yuan.


Guangqi Mitsubishi’s stroke is unpredictable, which is undoubtedly a node that stepped on the development trend of the automobile market, and the brand sincere and brand strength of multi-consumption and brand strength. Why don’t consumers can’t grasp this opportunity, laugh at GAC Mitsubishi’s sincerity, speed-fax started with Guangqi Mitsubishi models, “May 1” Golden Week can open a new car out.

In the face of the digitalization of the automotive industry, the change of the “Customer-centered” in Guangqi Mitsubishi, in the future, GAC Mitsubishi will continue to bring a car life full of exploration and fun, for “14th Five-Year” China A blueprint of the automobile industry has added a bristle.

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