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By | April 28, 2021

These two days, the most popular topics of the Magical is the new round of limit policy is about to implement: from May 6 this year, the morning and evening roads (excluding border roads) are prohibited from hanging outsource provinces The passenger car of the Car number plate. When the policy came out, he immediately triggered a wave of “Shanghai brand heat”. With time, consumers who have “suffering from Shanghai” will turn their attention to the new energy models of the green name.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, almost all major cars have brought home new energy products, of which the pure electric models occupy most booths of the auto show, and with the increase in vehicle life, the charging network is more convenient Ordinary consumers are also increasing to the accepted level of pure electric vehicles.

However, in the face of pure electric models in the market, people or expectations for economic practicality, or for their intelligent technology is full of expectations, there will be more anxiety when purchasing. That’s now, with the footsteps of “electric big coffee”, go to the Shanghai Auto Show, go to pick a suitable pure electric car!


Wuli Hongguang miniev

Official guidance: 28,800-43,600 yuan

Return mileage: 120km, 170km

I still remember that Wuling Hongguang Miniev just appeared, many consumers also laughed, “This is not old, who will buy?”

Unexpectedly, the sales record of this 288 million yuan was listed, and the sales records held by the domestic Tesla Model 3 were broken, and the proportion of personal users who had a single month of up to 96% of the individual users. Really staged a large “true fragrance scene”.

Of course, in addition to only the low-profile models that can only meet the most basic summaries, Hong Kong miniev has no expensive 4,000 yuan in the high matching of 10,000 yuan, and there are more LCD instruments and air conditioners. Drive more comfortable The high-facing battery is upgraded from 120km to 170km, and it can run more far.

This year, Wuling has launched two Marson series models based on the two Military models. Based on the original model of 4,800 yuan, it has added a new appearance, LED day driving light, Bluetooth phone , Main driving airbags and reversing images … more fashionable appearances and more practical configurations, people have to admit that Wuling is very thoroughly impressed by consumer demand.

The last magnificent value of macro miniev is not low, and the petite figure is squeezed in the parking space. It can stop two, and the turn radius of 4.2 meters allows it to turn around in a narrow bidirectional single lane. Miniev All-strait ABS anti-lock system, tire pressure monitoring and reversing radar, or the suspension combination of McEafun + after multiple rods, there is a lot of configuration, the official also promises “three electric” 8 years Or 120,000 kilometers warranty, very high cost performance, “What is the bike?”

Finally, Wuling also brought a heavy egg on this Shanghai Auto Show – a Wuling Hongguang miniev convertible version stopped in the center of the Wuling booth. It is understood that this new car or will be officially launched next year, the first convertible car of young people, is not it.



Official guidance price: 10.39 million -143,900 yuan

Return mileage: 401km, 501km

Stylish is a reincarnation.

In the current automotive market, many manufacturers have spent a lot of strength in the design of their products in the design of pure electric products, making it more attractive to people’s eye, so that they walk in the venue. It will be difficult to distinguish between 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, or the shooting scene of science fiction.

Ok, one of which has a car company chooses to be in turn, launched a retro model, it is a good cat. Using a large number of vintage elements in the appearance and interior, it is impressive.

Its car head is a “core” of retro style, which has a feeling of returning to the 1970s. Its “frog eye” headlights are greatly identified, plus the part of the uploads, which seems to change the golden shield of Euler’s carbark into a sports car brand. Ok, a good cat has also joined a lot of modern configuration, and its “frog eye” headlights uses the LED remote integrated design.

It is very unique to the tail light of the car head. It is very unique to the taillights of the good cat. It is different from our traditional sense. The Euler Cat will integrate the taillights in a modular form on the tail window glass.

Open the door, the good cat center control layout is very simple, the central control double-screen and the two-spoke steering wheel will be full of texture.

In terms of power, the high-profile version of the good cat is equipped with a total of 66.1 kWh lithium battery pack, and the pure battery life is 501km, and there is a low-cost model of 401km.


BYD Qin Plus EV

Official guidance price: 12.98 million -166,800 yuan

Return mileage: 400km, 500km, 600km

In the design, Qin Plus EV uses the latest EV Dragon Face design language in BYD, and the overall shape is some similar to the BYD flagship sedan. The closed grille, the silver trim panel running through the front, the Chinese car standard is reserved, the front headlights use the arrow design on Qin Plus DM-I, which has a very strong Chinese style. On the side of the body, Qin Plus EV still uses a slope design, which looks very young and sports. In addition, the waist line design of the rear wheel has also brought strength, the visual effect of the multi-spoke hub is also excellent enough; the axis of 2715mm fully guarantees the ride space in the car.

Qin Plus EV is equipped with a fierce tail light in the car, with a flat line design, has brought a strong level. The shape of the tail light group on both sides is flattered, and the “dragon claw” element is also integrated inside the lamp chamber, and there is very stereoscopic.

Open the configuration table, Qin Plus EV is standardizes Auto Hold, fixed speed cruise, reversing image, back lid radar, outer rear mirror heating, car Wi-Fi, mobile NFC car key, automatic air conditioning and other standards, The flagship model has a Dipilot intelligent driving assistance system with BYD, 360 ° panoramic image, front / rear seat heating and other functions.

BYD Qin Plus EV is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate blade battery, compared to traditional lithium batteries, smaller volume, higher capacity, and more security, and acne experiments are not burned, can effectively reduce battery due to external force damage Potential danger.

So, will this “Small Badi Han EV” will touch your heart?


SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 x

Official guidance: 19.99 million -277,900 yuan

Return mileage: 402km, 555km, 520km

Since the official release of China last year, the ID.4 family of the Nort-South Volkswagen has received extensive attention.

The above-mentioned steam mass ID.4x as an example, after using the MEB platform, the ratio of ID.4 X is different, and the gesture is different, especially the considerable wheelbase, extremely short, huge hub, Also let id.4 x lightly with sports, if CC is the most dynamic popular model, that ID.4 x can be ranked second.

Opening the door, the design of its interior did not make great ideas, but in the popular model, it was “lively”. Although the dashboard is small, but the at least see, and the public has introduced Ar-Hud, the whole car Some buttons, functions, and spatial segmentation, the public is not well done, just like the newcomers after decoration, the function area is clear, but also provide comfortable driving space, why not?

As for power, electric vehicles are more direct, smooth, but id.4 x overall torque response will be more advanced, and there will be some comfort in the city. For most people, reasonable acceleration capabilities and comfortable torque response, more important than zero hundred, after all, the road is not a track, always make people halo, it is better to ride a small yellow car.

Written in the last

Over time, people’s accepted levels of pure electric vehicles are also gradually increased. In some unlimited cities, the pure electric models are also based on its low cost and relatively comfortable driving experience. Favure, this also inspired more car companies to develop pure electric vehicles suitable for domestic consumers. New energy waves have arrived, buy a pure electric model for future, maybe it is the most important thing in this spring.

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