Jeep new 7 SUV spy photos and rendering diagrams exposure, using new family design language

By | April 28, 2021

For many car owners who advocate off-road, Jeep has an unplanned position as the nasal ancestors of off-road vehicles, and Jeep has launched several classic models in the past few years. Especially before Jeep official, after the establishment of a 4xe charging network, it has been supported by the majority of off-road fans.

As we all know, the biggest problem with pure electric models is to end anxiety. This is even more such for off-road vehicles. Imagine what kind of mentality will be in the wilder cross-ride road section? Jeep This approach is clearly to regard the customer as God, bringing a kind of conscience vehicle that is not only for sale.

Recently, overseas media streams a new set of Jeep’s new 7 SUV models. From the appearance, it is more luxurious, bringing a more luxurious and angry, bringing people a tough guy with the same family-style design language. style. From the spy photos, you can see that the fog lights on both sides of the new car are more sharp, and the bottom gas grille is also more intensive. The China network has used multi-stage vertical shapes more domineering, with both sides of the stylish hawk eye headlights, and the overall appearance is more likely.

For this new car with global concern, foreign media also flows out of the rendering map, you can see that the fog lamp of the new car uses the upper and lower segment design, others can be seen from the spy photos. From the side of the body, the new car uses a tall waistline run through the front and rear door handles, the roof luggage rack also makes the new car have both the tropical roof. The double five-flock alloy hub adopts a hollow design, and the square wheel has a certain gap between the square, which makes the new car more excellent.

From the tail section, the taillights of the new car do not choose how to design, but use the taillights of the split-type narrow shape, and the internal light source uses the stage to design, more young and stylish. It can be seen that there is no common plunte tire after the tail box, but the wiper of the rear window should appear. In addition, the bottom of the new car does not clearly see the position of the exhaust port, obviously adopted hidden settings, but also laying a pure electric model for the future.

In terms of internal and external, there is currently no further spy photos of this new car, power, reference and Jeep compass to build, new car or will be equipped with a 1.0T turbocharged engine or 1.3T turbocharged engine, where The high-model model is expected to be equipped with a four-wheel drive system, future or will provide 1.6T diesel engines and plug-in hybrid systems. This new car uses seven layouts, which is expected to be unveiled in the highest, or named Jeep Commanders.

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