Beiqi EX360 recalls the truth: fast charge, slow and continued to turn, and the owner is so hard

By | April 28, 2021

Summary, because of battery security issues, some models of Beiqi New Energy EX360 were recalled by the State Administration of Supervision and Administration.

At the end of March, there was an EX360 owner found me, broke the news after the upgrade of his car and faxing.

He said that the EX360 car, as long as the level is rising, the charging speed is slow, I hope we can report this.

At the same time, he also pulled me into a 220-person EX360 exchange group, saying that they were specially built for this matter.

After this time, I found that multiple cars belonged to the scope of the recall. They all have problems such as slowing speed, battery life and steering wheel after system upgrade. Even some owners choose not to upgrade in order to avoid problems.

Many car owners believe that this method of processing is to infringe in consumer rights, and Beiqi new energy should give them a reasonable statement.


EX360 recall processing brings 3 new issues

There are three EX360 owners who have just been recalled, talking in detail.

They are all bought in the first half of 2018, with a mileage of more than 40,000 kilometers, more than 40,000 kilometers, respectively.

The most dissatisfied is Mr. Wang, who is Beijing, because he has discovered that the quick sustacancy rate is slowed earlier, and his home has no charging pile, it will be “tortured” in the future.

He found that the charging power slowed down, it was October last year. After eleven, Mr. Wang found that the charging efficiency was reduced, and the charging time was more than doubled. It takes about 30 minutes from 30% to 80%. Now it takes more than 2 hours.

From then on, the situation has not improved, he doesn’t know what is going on. Until On March 24, he received the recall of EX360, asked him to go to the 4S shop to check, slowly realize that this issue is related to the upgrade.

After that day to 4S shop, Mr. Wang learned that his car has been upgraded once in April last year. This time, this time, it is not necessary to upgrade, just have some inspections. Later, he found that the other upgraded riders in the riders in the riders also had a fast-changing situation, and this realized that the original fast charge slowdown is related to the upgrade.

Mr. Wang said that this made him unbearable. Moreover, the weather now has turned back, the temperature of 13 degrees in the morning is still the charging rate of amps, waiting for more than two hours in the car waiting to be filled with electricity.

And he has the same feelings, Mr. Li from Guangxi.

Mr. Li told the “Electric Vehicle Association”, and his current fast charge can only reach around 69A, which is up to 145A.

He sent me a few scenes that were charging at the time. At that time, he was charged with 120 kW of charging pile, but the current is only 65A (ampere).

“There is no upgrade of the top 50 kilowatts of piles can reach around 145A (Ampere).” Mr. Li said helpless.

The Guangzhou Automobile Eman next to him can reach 117.9A (ampere), and Euler is also above 100A (ampere). The speed of the EX360 made him very anxious.

Worse, with the decline in charging power, the EX360’s battery life is not as good as before, and it has been reduced 20 kilometers.

The EX360’s NEDC is 318 km. Mr. Wang’s, is bought in June 2018, and it has run more than 30,000 kilometers until now. Last year, the full power can run 310 kilometers, and now only 2099 ninety kilometers.

In April last year, he drove from Beijing to run more than 300 kilometers from Beijing. After home, there is still 10 kilometers behind the table. Now go to Tianjin, the middle is not charged, he will not come back.

Mr. Li also has the same discovery. With the weather in Guangxi, there is no air conditioning, open in the urban area, he originally opened 360 kilometers, now up to 325 kilometers, usually 320 kilometers.

Another Ms. Week also realized that the battery life was less than ten kilometers more than before.

“When the battery is still more than 110 kilometers, the dashboard display will turn yellow, which will change around 98.”

In addition, Mr. Li and Ms. Zhou also felt that the steering wheel was changed.

Ms. Zhou said that he was obviously felt, and the steering wheel was not so easy. The front steering wheel is very light, sometimes she will drive one hand, but now it is complete. Especially in the big bend, turn the steering wheel, obviously feel strong before the resistance is better.

This is not a case, and those who have been upgraded around them have encountered this problem.


Car owners appeal to unmanned tube: 4S shop said there is no way, manufacturers 400 no

These three owners hope that manufacturers can reduce the power of the upgrade, the battery life and the steering wheel problem solved. So they recently found 4S stores and manufacturers, but they did not get any effective response.

The 4S shop has given them a reply that the charging rate and the decrease is caused by the system upgrade, and the system upgrade is the manufacturer’s request, and they have no way.

As for the direction of the steering wheel, the 4S shop where Ms. Zhou tells her that it is also the reason for the system upgrade, and the EX360 itself has a problem with the direction of the direction, and they have no way.

Players 400 are also useless. 400 Customers told Li Mr. Li, recalling is the record of the National Market Supervision Administration, and they agree to this practice must be upgraded.

Such a reply makes them very helpless. They believe that this processing behavior of Beiqi new energy is to deceive consumers, how can I not give the owner an explanation?

Mr. Wang said that this is to solve his own problems with sacrifice customer rights. The high half-hour fast charge promotion is actually in order to induce customers to buy a car. Now there is a problem with the battery, turn the charging rate back.

“But actually there is a hidden danger, and there is no complete solving problem.”

Ms. Zhou has now regretted, “I know this, I should not go to upgrade.” She is afraid that there will be a new problem. Now she can’t help but drive.

Mr. Wang is also anger. When he goes to upgrade, he has learned a loss of charging rate in other riders. But 4S shop is forced to upgrade, otherwise you have to sign an disclaimer. No way, he had to compromise, but these moths have appeared.

Today, Mr. Wang’s appeal is not only to solve the above three problems. He also mentioned that manufacturers should give them a certain compensation. The reason for these issues is not their own, but manufacturers, manufacturers should be responsible for this.


Official response:

While safeity upgrades, it will reduce the performance of the battery.

Recall processing does not cause the steering wheel weight

On the morning of April 14, we contacted the public relations department of Beiqi New Energy Sales Company. What is the recall of EX360 recall? It is clear whether the new issues and solutions encountered after the owner is upgraded.

In this regard, their response is:

The processing measures on this recall are as follows:

1 Use professional equipment to detect the battery pack;

2 For the first battery balance maintenance, the balanced maintenance is not required, and the module or battery pack is replaced if necessary.

3 For complete balance maintenance, battery pack replacement, air tightness detection and charging detection;

4 Upgrade control policy software for all battery packs that recall vehicles.

Through the above measures, we can control the risk of thermal out of control. While safeity upgrades, the performance of the battery will be appropriately reduced. In terms of two aspects, through our measurement is specifically:

1 At normal temperature, the charge current of 30% -80% is reduced by up to 140A (amp) to up to 84A, and the length of charge is extended to 50 minutes by 30 minutes;

2 After adjusting the optimal charging voltage range, the battery life will decrease according to the vehicle mileage (about 20 kilometers after 150,000 kilometers), although the battery life is lowered, it will greatly extend the battery life.

The handling measures used after recall will not lead to the direction of the steering wheel. This issue recommends that the customer contacts the service station, we provide professional investigation and processing, or please provide specific contacts, our service personnel contact customer.

As for this, how will this matter, the “Electric Vehicle User Alliance” will continue to pay attention to and report.

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