Unopened FF 91 brings zero gravity seat into the Shanghai Auto Show

By | April 27, 2021

Earlier this year, FF announced that it will log in to the Nasdaq market in SPAC, and there have been media to release the news that FF will be very likely to participate in the Shanghai Auto Show held in April this year. Nowadays, the Shanghai Auto Show has already opened, and FF seems to be prepared to be listed in the whole body, and FF 91 has not appeared in the Shanghai Auto Show.

Although the FF this year has not appeared, but in the new products of other manufacturers, we can see the shadow of FF flagship products, and many newly addressed new forces have begun to learn from FF a few years ago, and zero gravity The seat is one of the major publicity points of many vendors.

FF product concept landing in Shanghai Auto Show Smart Electric Vehicle Industry Steps High Speed ​​Runway

FF In 2017, the “zero gravity seat” in 2017, creating a living in the 2017 CES is a relaxed state of astronauts in space. The spine of the human body is a curved, and the ordinary car seat is often only concentrated in the hips and thighs, which is easy to cause the passenger and driver’s tiredness. The “zero graceful seat” is to be achieved, that is, according to the human biological curve, let the seat’s back and cushions match it, thereby achieving sufficient fit, so that the pressure is uniform. In a zero-gravity environment, the human body naturally presents the neutral body (NBP), the human skeleton, joint, and nervous system of NASA scientists, and the constant state.

This Shanghai Auto Show, many manufacturers have come up with the so-called “zero gravity seat” products, such as the Tianzhu Nissan of Dongfeng Nissan, the MG5, the MG5 of the SAIC, and the Uni-K, and the Nei-Kαt, as well as the pole αt. Most of these vendors are mostly under the seat material, using two three-layer vertical foaming structures, providing a soft touch while providing a sufficient buffer to the muscles of the contact seat portion while providing passengers. Some products have also used the “SLAB” structure, that is, composite one layer of soft foam on a harder foam, and the hard foam is provided with a support of passengers, and the more soft foam is provided with comfort. The polar fox is designed with the “Simmity Mattress” design, which has a support spring on the seat cushion and back skeleton, so that the pedestrian’s back and buttocks are balanced, fitted with the spine, allowing the pressure uniform distribution in the body and seat On the contact surface of the chair.

According to industry analysts: “These five-flowers of zero-gravity seat design, creative inspiration is from FF 91 who has received the 2017 CES Innovation Award, which is a photo of a vine, which not only let people see smart electric vehicle market. Entering the fast lane at full speed, which also makes people look forward to the true sound of the nasal ancestors of the FF 91. “

FF subversive product philosophy token leads industry trend FF 91 listing into countdown

It is understood that the comparison of the rear seat design of FF 91, FF has mastered other manufacturers’ technology in 2017. When other automakers are still in the first floor, tangled leather, foam, structure, and selection of these products, FF has created a better user experience in deeper level, including FF 91 seats with ventilation, massage After the inclination angle of the seat, the tilt angle of the seat can be achieved after 150 degrees similar to the plane of the aircraft, which turns into a “sleeping bed”, bringing the passengers to ride, the rest experience, sweep the fatigue and pressure. Imagine after a day of tired, you want to sit in the so-called “zero gravity seat” to go home, or lying in a spacious FF true gravity seat on a small diagram?

When ff is the earliest “zero grade seat” to be truly available? It is reported that the FF M & A listed company PSAC has submitted the S4 file that suggests the intention of the intention, and the submission of this key document has also advanced a big step forward for the process of FF.

According to the news prior to FF, the merger will be completed in the second quarter of this year, and FF will also become the Nasdaq listed company. FF 91 will begin within 12 months (ie 2022) within 12 months after the merging transaction, maybe FF 91 is really far away from the days to meet consumers.

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