Cattle! Chery small ant owners do it yourself to get turtle lamps and balanced issues, the method is here

By | April 27, 2021

Editor’s press:

The author of this article “Jinghua Fairy’s Chef” is a 2017 Qi Rui, the owner of the “Electric Vehicle Association”, currently driving nearly 30,000 kilometers.

Because of the case where the driving force suddenly interrupted before, he went to find the after-sales rights, original (battery manufacturers) after sale, I promised him to change the battery for free, but finally found his car battery has not been warranty, only Can be repaired at your own expense.

“Jinghua Fairy Chef” chose to have a hand repair, bought several equalization boards and test lines, under the guidance of the manufacturer engineer, please have a professional electrician to make some modifications to the battery pack, and finally solved the turtle The problem of light and battery pressure difference.

He wrote his experience, I hope we will publish, let more small ant owners know that there is such a program, one for all, solve problems, don’t have to go to 4S store every other time to do balance.

We think that his experience is very valuable, so send out to share with you, but we must also remind everyone:

The power battery of the new energy car is a high-voltage battery, and non-professional operation has great risks. Do not imitate. This article is only the experience sharing on the knowledge level.

The following is a text:

As the first person to eat crabs, I feel that I have something to do, let everyone know the tasty of the crab.

The beginning of the story is in November 2020. After my unremitting efforts, I finally ushered in the manufacturer’s battery warranty. When a battery staff just saw the series insurance protection shell located below the co-pilot seat, I told me. My battery is being removed, no manufacturer warranty. Suddenly my heart is cold, this means that my rights of rights will be ended here.

After I insisted on whether to unpack and request a written unwanted repair test report, the warm and thoughtful staff cooperated with me to do the battery’s battery detection, and inform me that I needed my own maintenance. After simple processing, the car finally moved. (Thanks to a battery factory).

When only 2000 kilometers were drunk, I finally appeared in another time in my expectation. I purchased an ODB cable and host computer software in my heart, waiting for a long 3 days, express delivery is finally approaching, can’t wait to install the driver, machine detection, found that the 80th battery is blame, the pressure difference exceeds 100mV.

I realized what I need to do, Taobao shopping cart is also open.

After weighing and disadvantage (actually no money, only the price price can only be selected), I chose a C-shop’s battery balanced board, carefully study the product details interface 3 nights, repeated the theoretical value after the simulation of the level and various connections, Finally, I decided that I had a big price to buy a 24 string of 5 fast boards (relatively changed battery or battery packs or too much cheap).

It’s a calm 3 days. I found a lift. I invited professional electrician (this is very wise, 125 lines are not generally cumbersome), spending a whole day, at around 8 pm, completed the equalization plate installation (Exterior: 5 boards, three of them are unluckled, and waiting for a long 2 and a half years, the seller has sent an acute SF).

The next day, I can’t wait to detect the balance of the cell. I found that the number 80 battery has changed evil. The lowest voltage transferred to the 63th battery, and the pressure difference has fallen to 40, and the surprise is not small, at least the balance The board is a role, and the panels are all in place, and they will be determined to die, and they will be able to load the machine. Replace the average slab, the link BMS line, the installation guard is connected to the big line, the light car is ripe, and the body is put on the brakes, and the self-test is successful. Everything is normal, the turtle lamp disappears, this means me One step has achieved initial success.

The first detection is performed by the upper machine, and the pressure difference 65;

Go back to my charging scene, there is no change, get all the important items in the car, ready fire extinguisher (at this time, you have already prepared for the car spontaneous combustion), open the camera (prepare to record the burning process), then connect the charging gun, look The indicator flashes from the red light into the red light. I stick to the car next to the car, waiting for 1 hour, my patience finally exhausted, my belly is finally hungry, I know my little ant insistence, I succeeded .

The next few days, the air scene test, I have detected the pressure differential multiple times, watching the pressure difference from 65 to 45 from 45 to 37, my heart is excited, I dare to do for my own dare, dare to be the first one Eating crabs are proud.

In the next time I tested the status of common use of emergency acceleration, high energy recovery (simulated fast charge voltage), depth discharge, after the number of cycles of 2 batteries, I also dropped to 10, full The electric voltage returns to 393V, and the battery has also returned to 151 kilometers. At this time, my heart finally put down, my efforts did not have a white fee, and finally the battery warehouse after the last modified battery.

Written in the end, thanks to the balanced board seller and a battery factory after-sales personnel, the whole process of tracking and guidance of my modification process, no guidance, I can succeed, but the process may be very bumpy, or there may be various mistakes, This expression is sincere, you have worked hard!

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