Many domestic new energy brands, who can achieve corner overtaking with Dongfeng?

By | April 26, 2021

In the automotive industry in the automotive industry in recent years, the development speed of new energy vehicles has unexpectedly. Whether it is domestic or abroad, a lot of new brands specializing in new energy vehicles have been born. These brands have stabilized their heels in a highly competitive car circle with a few models.

Taking the domestic market as an example, in the past five years, Xinxing, the ideals, Xiaopeng has launched a lot of models that are both screaming. At the same time, the government also gave a considerable policy tilt for such companies. On the one hand, the development of technologies can bring higher patented revenue and solving high-end talent employment problems. On the other hand, new energy vehicles also help us get rid of oil energy Excessive dependence, it can be described as a lot.

Therefore, in this context, the development of new energy vehicles has ushered in many years that have not seen a good situation. Will these brands have enabled the curve of traditional vehicles with this shareholder wind to open the corner of the traditional vehicle enterprises?

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, there is no technical threshold for engine and gearbox restrictions, and then Chinese companies lead the technology in artificial intelligence, therefore attracting a large number of capital attention. It can be seen that in two or three years ago, there were dozens of new car brands in the domestic market, and they all played the banner of high-end smart electric vehicles, but it was undoubtedly not this leader today.

As a leading brand of emerging brands, whether it is product positioning or market word of mouth, a relatively excellent existence in many brands. The first model selling in the next model is up to 400,000 +, so high pricing sales are still good, and it can be seen that the model that is aware of the model does have its own set.

As a new brand of the main smart auxiliary system, Xiaopeng has a good sales volume after the listing of P7 and G3 is available. At this year, P5 has become the world’s first mass production model, which is more complicated in China’s urban city, and truly delivering the market reputation will be quite good.

The ideal car is the last admission in the three brands, and the model sequence is more thin, and only one model is ideal at ONE. Although the ideal one-to-expensive electric vehicle’s life, the subject matter, etc. It is important to know that ideal is the first in the first quarterly profit, relying on excellent corporate management, and ideal future is unlimited.

In fact, the current new energy brand in the Chinese market is far more than the three mentioned in this paper, the series of BYD Dynasties,geometric and other high-end brands, and the high-end brand of traditional vehicles, also launched a good model. It can be said that it is the absolute opportunity for the development of new energy vehicles, so who can hurry to achieve the corner of the fuel car? We will wait and see.

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