Real shot Cadillac Lyriq, General Group’s pure electric “strongest sound”

By | April 25, 2021

After we finished the concept version, Cadillac officially released the mass production version of Lyriq.

But a delightful, Cadillac did not have the radical design of too many conceptual editions on 2023 Lyriq production versions. Including grilles, taillights, etc., Cadillac’s next era design element, most of the production version of Lyriq is reserved.

Although it is called 2023, Cadillac’s official website shows that Lyriq will be delivered in the first half of 2022 – the annual +1 is also a common operation of the future.

In fact, Lyriq is not just the first Pure SUV of Cadillac, which is also a gentleman’s first set of works of Ultium. In addition to brand image, technology is ordered to be lyriq.

Is the Detroit Giant awakened? Today, we have a real shot of the concept version, talk to you, Lyriq, and general Ultium platform.

“American luxury intelligent pure electric”?

This month we witnessed the listing of two American pure SUVs, and the other was Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Compared to the $ 42 million, the “luxury” taste is indeed more rich in Lyriq, “Luxury”.

Cadillac’s “Diamond Cut” language has taken a step forward in Lyriq, and the angle is clear, and the design elements of the pure electric era are combined. For example, a fully enclosed grille, as well as hidden door handles, etc.

The LyriQ Concept is a large number of lamps on the grill, and the official means that cooperates with the App setting, you can achieve different welcome / departure effects. According to the US official website, a total of 736 LED lamp beads will be retained on the mass production version.

In addition, the concept version of the exhibition is Lyriq, and its door handle is to support touch control, gently push it, or the specific area of ​​the touch door handle, the door will automatically turn off.

In terms of hubs, the Lyriq mass production is currently available in 20/22 inch wheels.

The tail of the body is the most scientific part of Lyriq – but the most retro. According to the staff introduction, Lyriq’s taillight design pays tribute to the 8th generation Eldorado, which is 1967-1970 in the sales style “Rocket” design, which is also preserved in the mass production.

The details of the other, it is Lyriq without rain.

According to the official information, there is no rain scraping because Lyriq’s aerodynamics pass through the dynamic wind tunnel, and claims to “hard to leave dust.”

In addition to the appearance, the Lyriq concept version of the interior, most of them are also smooth transition to the mass production.

The most obvious is definitely a central control screen. Cadillac was equipped with a 33-inch surface OLED display for Lyriq, named 9K resolution – this 9k meaning, is the number of lateral pixels close to 9000.

In addition, other parameters of this display have also reached the high-end level of the consumer. For example, 1 billion-color display (that is, 10bit color depth), and the high contrast of the OLED screen, up to 100,000: 1, the effect is to show black deeper.

The crystal knob in the center console is also quantitative and conceptual, but this knob is not a shifting mechanism, and Lyriq uses a pocket design, and the knob is more like a switching center of various functions.

Like many luxurious pure trains released this year, Lyriq also adopts Qualcomm third-generation digital cockpit chip, and Cadillac’s software partners, more include UI / game design brands like Epic Games, Territory Studio, Rightpiont.

Epic Games is one of the world’s largest PC game platform, one of the most professional 3D rendering engine production team; Territory Studio is the developer of the phenomenon game “Saibu Publish 2077”, is also a UI / 3D electric design RightpionT is a digital service consulting firm.

In addition to the smart cockpit, Lyriq is after Cadillac following CT5 / CT4 / Kelred, another model with enhanced SUPER CRUISE auxiliary driving system.

According to the Cadillac official website, the enhanced version Super Cruise main upgrade point is “Change the lane on demand”, which is the driver to turn the light, the vehicle changes.

The last price of Lyriq is $ 60,000, but that is the post-drive standard version (the base version is the back drive, very American), which is equipped with the motor, the two motor versions will be Launched later.

Finally, let’s take a look at the real shot picture of Lyriq, then we start talking three electricity:

Detroit giant’s electric first hit

In fact, in the past 25 years, in fact, the electricity attempts of General Groups have been much more early than most people.

In 1996, EV1 was the first large-scale pure electric car; Bolt EV and Volt EV were the introduction of the entry of the pure electric vehicle before MODEL 3. However, the pure electric smart storm swept is too fast, even if the general use has already eaten crabs, they have to adjust the strategy, re-start.

Ultium, is the general first pure electric platform and the general strongest sound of the new era.

In addition to Lyriq, the pure electric version of Hummer will also be created based on Ultium. Flexible, is also the first main characteristic of Ultium.

Ultium’s battery pack uses modular design, according to engineers, there will be a total of 8/10/12 modules in a total of 8/10/12 modules. Lyriq uses the single layer 12 module, the battery capacity has reached 100KWH, and EPA is based on foreign media reports, will “more than 300 miles (480 km).”

The reason why lyriq is single-layer because pure electric horses will also use double-layer module design, the largest battery capacity reaches 200kWh.

In addition, the Ultium platform currently uses two cells. According to the number of modules, the 50-200 kWh capacity battery pack can be manufactured – but we get the news, the two batches are NCM811, only in the energy density Different.

The double layer module is a bold life, because the harness is not good. GM and ADI cooperate to give a very interesting solution: wireless electric control WBMS.

Where W refers to Wireless wireless, universal representation of WBMS can save close to 90% battery pack internal harness, reducing a large amount of space.

The disappeared harness is replaced with a WiFi module, and the Ethernet channel can also bring higher bandwidth. In addition, WBMS supports the full life cycle of electric control FOTA, which supports WBMS’s battery modules can also be recycled and become monitored energy storage modules.

After talking on the battery, the two models exhibited by the Shanghai Auto Show is a permanent magnet motor. The engineer said that Ultium will have 3 electric drive assemblies in China. The three asynchronous assembly is under development, 3 electric drives You can do 8 in 1.

8 in 1, usually referred to as a 3-in-1 motor (motor, electrical control system, and speed reduction), plus 5-in-1 drive module (motor controller, car charger, car power supply, high voltage distribution Modules and vehicle controllers).

The only unfortunate thing is that the specific motor parameters of the Ultium platform have not yet been published, but the 800V platform and 350KW charge power are also quite worth looking forward to.

Following Lyriq, the general purpose will start from 2022, launching the Ultium version of Chevrolet Bolt EV, Bolt EUV (SUV version bolt). By 2023, General will launch 22 Ultium platform models.


In fact, I personally like Lyriq, the appearance interior is also.

Perhaps the speech “Traditional Car Enterprise, I am not as good as the dog” in the past few years, too taking the smart electric wave, now the core public opinion of the smart electric circle, seems to be the traditional car enterprise must spray.

But this “30 Years of River East Thirty Years Hexi” is not black, it does not accurately describe the trend of intelligent electricity from the past five years.

Perhaps the traditional car company will turn slow, but the traditional car company is also great. As a consumer, we need a product that makes yourself likely, rather than the brand of “long history” or “new breakthrough”.

Introduction, Lyriq’s intelligence did not achieve the ultimate, even after enhancement, the door of L3 was still grinded in the door of L3, laser radar, high-altitude platform did not have an idea.

In addition, the power consumption control of Lyriq can only be said in the same size. The 100KWH battery is 500 kilometers of EPA endurance, and it is almost the same as the motor power, but it is not stunned.

However, Cadillac did show a special understanding of smart electric, and general purpose also played a smart thinking on the Ultium platform, not only for electric power.

Lyriq delivered in the first half of next year, as well as the general Ultium platform that is ready to go, how do you see?


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