From the first car on BYD E platform 3.0, BYD EA1 understands

By | April 24, 2021

Today, the automotive industry is developed, the fuel gifgono for the main power source is quite mature in various aspects. However, the new energy car serves as the type of product that has just been promoted, regardless of the power source of the vehicle or the appearance of the interior, etc., the consumer is not small. Today, electric vehicles have occupied half-Wanjiang Mountain in the entire car market, and BYD as a leading brand in the field of domestic electric vehicles, and a lot of attention is naturally received. Today, let’s take a look at BYD EA1.

In terms of appearance, this new BYD EA1 did not adopt Long Yan designs that have been highly praised, but specially designed a new design language, officially called “Oceanic Aesthetics”, this newest The design is personally dominated by designers, and the overall style is pursuit of simplicity, and the closed grill adds a re-designed logo, so that this vehicle looks very unlike BYD’s style. The headlight group of the front of the vehicle is even more good for this truck.

The other details of the vehicle are also quite exquisite, and the exquisite hub echoes the dress of the skirt of the vehicle, which looks more spoken. The design of the vehicle tail is also echoed before and after the front of the front, the body shape is more nature, and there is no more visual sense of “suturing” on a lot of models. In terms of the body size, the axis of the car is 2700mm, compared with many models of 3 meters, the wheelbase of this car is not excellent, so the manufacturer also positions it as a Class A0-class car.

In terms of interior, the manufacturer has not provided specific data and configuration, but according to us understand, the car will be equipped with a 12.8-inch rotatable suspension large screen, and carry BYD to be proud of the phosphate blade battery pack, The overall configuration meets the current mainstream configuration criteria. Between 400-500 kilometers, in connection with the positioning of this car, it is a quite excellent shopping, buy vegetables, pick-up cars.

This BYD EA1 is the first model made based on BYD E platform 3.0. The platform is equipped with a wide temperature domain wide high-efficiency heat pump technology, and the SiC electronically controlled power density increased by 30%. According to official provisioning data, the maximum thermal efficiency can reach 99.7%. And this platform can also create new energy vehicles with nearly 1,000 kilometers, charge power of 800V, and can achieve 150 kilometers of battery life for 5 minutes. Although this EA1 is only a car built by E platform 3.0, the above functions are not reflected in this new car, but the price range of 10-14 million yuan of this car is quite competitive.

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