High-line laser radar Shanghai Auto Show started, comprehensive interpretation of “car” and “mass production”

By | April 23, 2021

Radium Idea Smart CH128X New Product Conference

2021 Shanghai Auto Show, laser radar is definitely a core sector that many of the many mainfractions.

After all, however, with the rapid iteration and cost of laser radar technology in the past two years, the pre-driving premium production is no longer just an empty slogan.

At the auto show, new cars with laser radar are a highlight of this year. It can be seen that the original black technology laser radar seems to be highly unable to climb, and now I am beginning to move towards consumers from the altar.

The car, mass production is two keywords on the laser radar.

In this regard, the laser radar manufacturer is smart in the Shanghai Auto Show this year. It has been a very complete interpretation of these two keywords this year.

1, detection performance

Currently, high-end passenger cars are equipped with laser radar mainly for the automatic driving function of L3 and L4 to achieve more precise and reliable perception.

In L3, L4-level love, the automatic driving system is no longer just auxiliary driving, and the driver has converted to passengers.

When driving, the car is particularly important to identify the goal of the front (generally at least 180 meters above), only to identify the target early, to make more operation adjustments to smart driving to ensure the safety of the smart driving.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, the latest CH128X1 launched by radium god intelligence can detect 200 meters under 10% reflectivity in ranging performance, which is far ahead of the highest level of the industry.

The detection field covers 120 ° X25 °, with a key perceived area (ROI) with a resolution of up to 0.18 ° X0.125 °, and the number of points in the single echo can get the number of 850,000 points per second.

The viewer can visually see the CH128X1 real-time presentation point cloud effect from the scene.

So, how do we judge that the lights of the radar is good or not?

In fact, after the laser radar launches the laser, each point receiving it will output a x, y, z value to the system. These points will be restored to the coordinate system according to the X, Y, Z value, the higher the accuracy, the higher accuracy. The dot cloud arrangement formed is, the clearer the imaging.

CH128X1 is clearly designed to the booth environment, clean and tidy without noise, which can be seen that the consistency of ± 3cm accuracy is relatively high.

From the whole, the point cloud of CH128X1 has little significant jump, which can be seen that its stability is also high.

In addition, radar is also important to detect low and reverse targets, especially when black absorbers, laser radar detection performance will often be greatly weakened.

In this regard, CH128X1 seems to have no taboo.

Finding, radium god smart booths full of dark gray carpets (reflectance is just about 10%), while CH128X1 is still very uniform, including Dongfeng Sharing-Smart, including the booth, including the boat Sharing-smart The black body of the unmanned car, which is also clear imaging, which can be seen that its object to low-alternating absorbers also has a very good detection performance.

At the press conference, Radium also demonstrated a measure of its radar on the road:

In the video, CH128X1 has a clear imaging of motor vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, streets, cone columns, railings, roadside, etc. on the road.

According to reports, CH128X has anti-interference functions, and each of the laser lights emitted is encoded. Even if the laser emitted by other cars or lasers of the laser, the laser laser, which can be encountered on the road, can also solve the future in advance. As laser radar is popular in the car, the laser crosstalk problem brought.

2, car logistics

CH128X can self-test and monitor more than 30 core items including rotation state, laser transmitting end / receiving end, window slide, window slide, human eye safety, etc., and fault detection time ≤ 100ms, diagnostic coverage is over 97.5%, random hardware failure indicators <10-7 / h. Human eye safety test time <10us, can fully meet the ASIL-B and SIL-2 functional safety levels, to make the strongest guarantee for automatic driving stable and reliable perception.

At the press conference, a series of CH128X1 is shown, including the vibration test of acceleration 28m / s2, low temperature and high temperature test, salt spray test, drop test, electrostatic discharge test, radiation anti-interference Test and power frequency magnetic field testing, etc.

CH128X successfully passed these harsh tests, and there is no problem for radium god intelligence. After all, its previous CH series mixed solid laser radar has successfully passed the car DV, PV, EMC testing, and is the global follower The second laser radar of the passer.

The CH128X and the CH series can be described as a pulse, which are all rotation-type mixed solid state scanning schemes, which are in which the laser emission is fixed, and the receiving system is fixed, and the laser scan angle is adjusted by its special prism. Angle. Although the only rotational mirror is still mechanical movement inside the radar, the movement of the movement is actually very light, and the burden on the radar motor is very small.

Therefore, this scheme is stronger in the impact vibration of the in-vehicle environment.

It is reported that the CH128X1 will receive the authentication of the Feed’s functional security ISO26262 in September.

3, radar on the bus installation plan

At present, there are two types of installation locations in laser radar on the laser radar, one is embedded on the roof, one is embedded in the head, and these two programs have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Laser radar is mounted on the roof to achieve farther, broader vision, but the closeness in the first 1 meter in front of the car will cause a large blind spot.

This part of the blind zone will be very dangerous when you encounter a small probability event, such as people who fall on the ground, or children, pets, tires, stones.

Moreover, the top mounting laser radar temperature rise is faster, radar heat is a problem.

In addition, at the top gives the laser radar plus cleaning device also requires the planning of the top space, and it is easy to cause many inconveniences to the whole vehicle.

In the head embedded laser radar, the disadvantage is unable to obtain a more open vision like top installation, but the near-distance detection effect in the first 1 meter in front of the front is very effective.

This is also why Audi, Beiqi Fox, Toyota, Xiaopeng and other host plants have chosen important reasons for installing laser radar at the intake grille.

Moreover, the installation space in the head radar is also larger, more convenient to deploy the cleaning device, the heat dissipation effect is better, and it is more convenient to make shapes and design.

Today, there are two models launched by radium gods, and this year, this year, CH128X1 and planned CH128X2 listed next year.

Both radars broke through the high line harm mixed solid state laser radar, and it was smaller than the slap.

Among them, CH128X1 shrinks the unit size to 118x90x75mm, and the window piece size is only 85.3×66.8mm, and it is more suitable for embedding the head.

The CH128X2 height is only 50mm, which is more compact than CH128X1, which is more suitable for embedding roof.

In response to this year’s mass production, CH128X1, radium god intelligence provides two head installations for the main plant:

One is that only one laser radar is installed in the head, located in the middle of the intake grille.

One is to install one on both sides of the front of the front, which has more perceived the intermediate ROI region than the former.

Of course, the laser radar is mounted in the head, the biggest disadvantage is to easily encounter the dirty problem, thereby affecting the detection effect of laser radar.

For this point, radium god intelligence has also been considered early, and the cleaning scheme of its radar window is displayed at the press conference – the laser radar is cleaned by high-pressure water sprinkles, and through the wind blown dry lens Moisture or automatically heat the moisture above the window.

CH128X1 window cleaning plan

In addition, the surface of the CH128X has been tempered, which can effectively prevent the road to grazing the stone scratches.

It can be seen that CH128X has made a very adequate preparation for the main plant in many details.

4, automatic car certificate production line

At the press conference, radium god intelligence also demonstrated its establishment of a new automatic laser radar production base in Xuzhou, the first phase of the construction area of ​​15,000 square meters.

It will be introduced into the SMT standard production line in the new plant, and will automate process automation in the production of laser radar production, and improve production efficiency, reduce production cycle, reduce production costs, and ensure consistency.

It is reported that the plant will only produce a laser radar product of the car, which has now entered the production line commissioning phase, and can be put into production in June.

It is expected that 200,000 units are 200,000 units in 2021, 2022, and more than 450,000 units can be more than 2023.

5, next generation king – 1550nm

At the press conference, the next ace product of radium god is revealed – LS21G mixed solid state laser radar.

The product uses a 1550 nm fiber laser that is far more than 905 nm of laser radar in terms of ranging performance, and the 5% target of 5% reflectivity can be detected at 250 meters.

Currently, due to the high cost of 1550 nm fiber lasers, the total cost of radar can be nearly 80%, so most of the major radars on the market are selected from the 905 nm laser.

At present, there is a laser core fiber laser and core devices are radium god intelligent independent research and development and production, which can greatly reduce the overall cost of 1550 nm laser radar, which can provide end customers with the highest cost-effective 1550 nm laser radar products.

LS21G mixed solid state laser radar (left) self-developed 1550nm fiber laser and chip (right) From the overall content of the conference, we can see that radium god smart has been prepared for laser radar to get on the laser radar from multiple aspects. .

According to Hu Xiaobo:

“CH128X is in the design process, the Activities of Radium I have conducted very deep communication with the R & D team with a number of car mainstries, combined with the main plant’s number of requirements for automobile front automatic driving system, It has repeatedly polished, and the original CH series mixed solid-state laser radar is stable and reliable, and the size, power consumption, functional safety, cost, etc. required by the main plant are fully integrated. After the heart is desperate, the excellence is excellent, and the CH128x is talented to achieve a high thread harness. Hybrid solid laser radar is unprecedented in a global scale. “

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show is an extremely excited, because we have seen the future have begun to become now, and they have seen the automatic driving has come to themselves.

In the last words, Hu Xiaobo said in the speech, “As the laser radar is rapidly popular in the passenger car field, with the whole car of each car, you will escort the happiness of the family. ! “

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