The collapse of the old empire – Shanghai car exhibition

By | April 21, 2021

The theme of this Shanghai International Auto Show is the hug change, the name is actually, if standing on the threshold of 2030, looking forward to this 10 years, will see three major changes.

The collapse of the old empire

2021 auto show, spotlights are no longer Germany’s BBA, no longer Japan’s three swordsmen, everyone discusses the most is the Arcfox of Beiqi Huabi, is a good cat, Wuli Hongguang It is Huawei, which is Baidu apollo, it is intelligent …

From 2021, the world’s auto industry is no longer a traditional Japanese traditional fuel carrier, but is a new energy car company represented by Tesla and China.

Since 2021, Shanghai Beijing Auto Show truly became a global A-class auto show, an influential vehicle show that leads the development of the automotive industry, and has a new product released by new products.

Since 2021, the old empire began to collapse, although it was still very large.

In 2021, it was a display of China’s new energy vehicle “truck” stage success.

In 2020, nearly 1.4 million new energy vehicles, accounting for approximately 5%, and the private consumption accounted for 85%, and new energy vehicles finally switched from “mayor” to “market” drive, at the same time, limited urban share From 55% of 2016 to 41.8% in 2020, “Rock Right” driver transforms to “product” driver.

The old empire collapsed, and the new energy car consumption entered accelerated expansion.

Before 2021, discuss new energy cars, everyone is still worried that the endless mileage is still comparing new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles.

Since 2021, mention new energy vehicles, which is the more intelligent point now, which is more handsome and more windy.

The fuel truck has lost the comparative qualifications, which is the end of the old era, which announced that the fuel truck was born in 125 years to complete the stage of historical mission.

Digital giant admission

Huawei Baidu admission.

The previous auto show always belongs to the automotive supporting industry, such as Bosch, which is the role of this stage, usually there will be its own place.

Today, Huawei and Baidu have their own independent booths. Many people think that Huawei Baidu is just a new supplier in the new energy car era, as as the Bosch of the Fukhak, the major main machine factory.

Yes, today’s Huawei is like this, just like Huawei to make a car’s “intelinside”, Huawei provides intelligent driving software and hardware system solutions for each partner brand.

2021, they are supporting roles. However, this supporting role gives cars with a mechanically sensitive nerve, gives it the brain, gives it to think and decisive.

These cars are getting smarter, and finally one day, they “live”, Baidu Hua is not angry, they become the protagonist.

The auto show on the scene asked Baidu’s handsome beauty an old hair loss problem “What time you think that the real unmanned driver is the smart driving of the hands of the hands?”, The answer is “the speed will exceed our expectations”.

At that time, the car real name is actually “auto”.

“She” economic rise

“The world’s favorite woman’s car brand” Ou La deeply interpreted no matter whether the black cat white cat, grabbed the mouse is a good cat, with the women of the Pan Z era, seizes consumer mind, the banner has made itself created. Become a brand of women.

Look at this booth, I don’t know what cosmetics and tide cards are sold.

Wuling Hongguang, who is “beautiful and created”, has become the only subcivilized China in the sale of force Tesla in sales since the listing.

The appearance of Makaron’s joint edition and hood believes that Wuling Hongguang will become a “old man” of the county city and the fourth-five-way city to become a first-second city “Bai Fumei” heart.

In 2013, Chinese mothers made the international investment in the gold market to feel the power of Chinese Mom.

In 2021, the “she” of the Pan Z will be able to change the pattern of new energy vehicles, and achieve their own car brands in China.

Girl> Young Women> Toddler> Old Man> Dog> Men’s consumption law, finally flowers in the automotive market, especially new energy auto market, big way.

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