He Xiaopeng focused dialogue: Huawei automatic driving can only be considered “quantity production”, P5 will be better

By | April 20, 2021

For Xiaopeng Automobile, the third quantity of car P5 released a lot before and after, and there were many things.

First, it is definitely Huawei.

Huawei published their ADS automatic driving system this week, we measured the effect very good, and the Summer of ADS 400/800 TOPS, it seems to be “scary”. Also embarked on the laser radar route, naturally, it is not more than it.

Secondly Tesla.

The dispute between the employees and Tesla before the small pendants were also officially painted this week. Tesla has reached a substantive reconciliation with Cao Guangzhi and withdraws the prosecution. However, this is not the defendant Xiaopeng, but it seems that it still can’t escape the whirlpool of public opinion.

At the Shanghai Auto Show today, we threw these problems to He Xiaopeng, hoping to get a response.

Unexpectedly, He Xiaopeng replied very direct, very exciting, and the scale is far more imagination.

Sit hard, start below.

Huawei ADS can only be “quantitative production”

He Xiaopeng’s first answer is amazing.

The so-called short-term is used to describe the way Huawei’s cooperation with car companies. He Xiaopeng said that the UC era, they also took similar patterns, “later died very miserable.”

There are many challenges that have encountered this model. He summarizes two: The first is that every partner has a different appeal. “You will be very painful, to complete his things, you have a lot of unhappy every family. Point.

The second is that He Xiaopeng believes that in China’s Internet, “Basically free, or very low charges”, such as Android basics, iOS receive a little patented protection fee. “This industry (car) is a variety of fields, must find a reasonable price.

Return to the product, He Xiaopeng believes that the city of the city of the city NGP, the performance will not be bad than Huawei – because “Huawei does not do production”.

He Xiaopeng believes that Huawei ADS is limited to a few cities, such as Shanghai, can only be “quantitative production”. He even said that this route Xiaopeng has also done, and it is true, but the application range is very narrow.

As for what is the real mass production, He Xiaopeng believes that the key is “data”. For example, how many roads can be opened, such as more than one percent scene can be used, and how many times will be taken over the scene.

Regression to the engineering area, He Xiaopeng believes that more important data is the actual automatic driving “experimental mileage” running on the road.

He Xiaopeng believes that China should at least be more than 1 million kilometers per month, but in fact, there should be 1 billion kilometers per month one day, which is 1000 times a million level, “is more robust”. And from 1 million to 1 billion in the middle.

As Xiaopeng team experienced 7 years of automatic driving research and development, 3 years of production practice, the road that has already passed, He Xiaopeng believes that the ability to achieve, and very difficult, is “the cost of relatively convergence Autopilot”.

He describes this ability: “You want to spend 100 pieces to do something well, with 30 pieces of money to do things as good, 30 pieces are ten times.”

In addition to experience, data and model, He Xiaopeng is cautious to see another factor in Huawei, which is the inertial thinking of “big company”.

“I have a thing to make a big company (must) can make a thing, never agree,” He Xiaopeng said that if this logic is followed, Shunfeng should be 100% success.

He firmly said to us: “The big company is related to entrepreneurship, the success rate is extremely low, and the failure rate is extremely high.”

Based on this reason, He Xiaopeng summides himself “Not worried at all.” Because he thinks it is a company that does not have such an enterprise (mode), “it must be the system ability and longline layout capabilities.”

He Xiaopeng told us that he respects some friends, because their “long-term thinking ability is very strong,” No matter what others say, one step is to do it. ”

But He Xiaopeng finally said that Huawei is still a very good company in the automatic driving field. He believes that Huawei is more powerful than many automatic driving technology companies, because Huawei has a hardware system to inclusion (software).

Even, Xiaopeng’s future may also cooperate with Huawei – He Xiaopeng said that it may be the discussion of the supply chain, “The first two days and Xu Zhijun always eat together”.

As for the bottom P5, it will not be better than Huawei ADS. He Xiaopeng’s answer is: Huawei is a very great company, but Xiaopeng City NGP will have a lot of characteristics than today Huawei, truly in the P5 official conference Sharing.

As for the sales of P5, his answer is also very interesting: “I am very confident P5 sales will exceed the other car.”

“The court read Xiaopeng and Tesla code”

When this sentence said, we were shocked.

The complete expression of this sentence is “until the end, the court is the code of Tasla code and our code, the court looks, there is no matter what it is.”

Perhaps this sentence does not completely cast a spark that is collided with public opinion, but it should be able to explain a lot of problems.

Talk to this topic, He Xiaopeng said that he did not “never pay attention to”, because Tesla did not prosecute Xiaopeng car from his head. So whether it is civil or criminal, there will be no compensation, “because we are not in any lawsuit.” Like Huawei, Tesla is also a name that is frequently filed in this field. The most sharp problem, about that famous, strongly returning Mask’s Weibo.

He Xiaopeng responded that if it is in reality, it will be more casual, but the nature of Weibo is actually “anger.”

“Because I am a programmer, the programmer is a straight man.” He Xiaopeng explained that this is not a nature of the finger, or the straight man is not a good word, “” Anyway is a straightness. ”

“This (microblog response) is not our team’s suggestion, and it is completely different from the recommendations.” He Xiaopeng added.

Smart car is moving from the spring and autumn

In the interview, He Xiaopeng also throws a bold judgment on the future: the smart electric vehicle is moving from the Spring and Autumn Period.

This bold judgment is composed of several major parts.

First of all, it is currently a proportion of sales of smart electric vehicles, which has been 10%, which is a critical point.

Second, more and more “forces” enter the automotive industry, but He Xiaopeng believes that this is not a bubble, but a part of the reasonable process. In his view, in the next five years, there are still some opportunities, but after 2025 is a change from spring and autumn to the Warring States.

He predicts that there will be 5-10 car companies around the world, and the concentrated.

Third, the automatic driving company for L4 is learning to take the technology, and the defeat will not pass. Because a Huawei has hardware, two of their programs are too expensive.

“I have told a very interesting point of view, and the high-end customers of communication is often data low-end users. I can’t get online for a month. I can’t get online, and I have a lot of online spending online. The more high-end customers are interested in automatic driving, the more high-end customers, the luxury of the car brand, the dynamic demand is absolutely high. ”

Finally, the smart electric car actually has a potential risk. That is in total costs, intelligent accounting is climbing, “It is not higher than that of the gasoline car.”

Although the big trend, the smart electric car must be better than the oil experience, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. But today’s intelligence still has a lot of expensive hardware.

“I think it may be relatively low in a day of intelligence, and it can be made relatively low in the world. It can create an ecology. Today’s mobile phone intelligent is accounting for how much mobile phone?”

“I am not worried at all.”

From Spring and Autumn Warring States, it means extremely tragic competition. For the future, He Xiaopeng believes where is the key?

Around it, He Xiaopeng said many times. “I can’t tell you.” But in the end, he still expressed his logic.

For example, how to implement the best ability to implement the limited cost? “He Xiaopeng believes that P5 is such a typical car that presses the high-order automatic driving ability to lower price.

He Xiaopeng said that compared to other automatic driving companies, Xiaopeng is characterized by “shaping good results” in reasonable cost, and constantly reducing costs. For example, because the perceived ability is already strong, can P5 can’t remove the rain inductor? All the front camera system is all, can you remove AEB? Because there is no need.

Another example is that the short line is also important, but if there is no longline composition foundation is difficult. “No matter what others say, it is the best in one step.” A system is a balance logic, Xiaopeng should consider a longer thinking to think with globalization.

Because of this, He Xiaopeng is talking about the tragic competition. ”

The article is finally added two eggs.

The first is from the interview. He Xiaopeng said that Xiaopeng Automobile is the largest car enterprise in China’s auto-enterprises, and now it has covered 140 cities. “This year plans to be all prefecture-level cities across the country, and all the county-level citys in TOP before TOP, go back to the hometown, next to the prefecture-level city and county-level city.”

The second is from his interaction with Li Bin. When I visited Li Bin this afternoon, He Xiaopeng suddenly drove. The above two pictures were shot with mobile phone at the time, and the two “tipes took back”. This will be one of the famous scenes of China’s new car sports.

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