The appearance is like Porsche, Euler flash cat appears to Shanghai Auto Show

By | April 19, 2021

The Shanghai Auto Show has begun in full swing. Many car brands are in the car show, and the intensity of competition can be seen. In particular, the new energy field is the future mainstream energy source, and the new energy model is more bold relative to the fuel car, and the configuration is more intelligent. In the Shanghai Auto Show, there is indeed a lot of models of the eye-catching model, but what is the most attractive female owner who is most attractive, and many people will mention the Lightning Cat of the Eu.

Since the birth of the lightning cat, it has received much attention since the birth, especially for the female owner, which is originally positioned to tend to be a female market. This time it can be said to be situated in such market positioning. Lightning cat is famous, not only it has a good and cute name, but also because it looks like Porsche Paramera, very motivated. Next, follow the author to see the lightning cat known as “small Paramera”!

In terms of appearance, the Euler flash cat walks the style of the retro sports car. It is very similar to the Porsche Pallamera, the headlights are elliptical design, the side of the body is very smooth, and there is no feeling. The end of the tail is just right. Although the retro design is used, it has made modern improvements in the details, so that this car does not look at the earthen, but there is a fashion and vitality. The overall identity is still still, and it will not be wrong to see true Paramera.

It is worth mentioning that the new car uses the doorless frame design, many women love this design system. There is also a new idea in the hub, using a five-way hollow hub, the hollowed shape is very similar to the LOGO of Eu, but the shape is simple but fashionable. In terms of the color of the body, the new car joins two color tone color matching, visually hierarchical is more full, and also gives the owner more imagination. In terms of light source, whether the taillight or headlights, the LED light source is used, and the night is very bright.

In terms of interior, you can see that the Eura flash cat wants to create a sense of modern and past collision, such as the dashboard adopts a classic gun cartridge design, and the central control has a rectangular multimedia screen, and the gear is also used. The way. The three steering wheel adds a sense of motion for this car. Speaking of the sense of motion, although the car does not currently announce the specific power parameters, it can be learned from the network, and the new car is likely to carry the four-motor four-wheel drive system. It takes only 3.5 seconds hundred kilometers to make it true. A female sports car.

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