Burst, Liu Zhifeng was withdrawn, Lin Jie out of the geometry

By | April 17, 2021

Recently, the electric potential noted that Liu Zhifeng, geometric general manager, was passed away from being dismissed. In this regard, the electric immersident confirmed to the relevant person of the geometric market, but he said that everything was subject to the announcement. If the rumor is real, Liu Zhifeng will be the second to be withdrawn geometric general manager.

In 2019, Geely digs from BYD, and let it be responsible for geometric brands. However, last year, due to the serious operation of the operation, Zheng Zhixuan went back to Shenzhen, and the new treasure cars. In May, in the past year, in the face of this rotten stall, Liu Zhifeng gave difficult, and he served as the second geometric brand.

With Liu Zhifeng, the geometric general manager position is out of space. At the geometric recent communication meeting, Jilly Vice President Lin Jie appeared in the geometric hand, but according to the geometric market, Lin Jie is only a geometry, there is currently no name general manager.

Like Zheng Zhizhi, Liu Zhifeng’s is obviously a poor performance. According to the standard of multiplial, 2020 geometric A sales is only 5051 units, down 44.6% year-on-year, the new product geometric C sales only 5,277, the entire geometric brand has a total sales volume of 10,000.

It is worth noting that from Zheng Zhizhi, to Liu Zhifeng, the two geometries are not worn for one year, is they not enough? It seems that there is no way, these two are many years of marketing, especially Liu Zhifeng, have a reputation in the industry.

Obviously, with the relevant person in charge of the accountability, it is better to say that the geometric general manager is hard to dry, or if this brand has existence? This is the problem that Geely should reflect.

A few days ago, “Geely, please give up the geometric brand! “The manuscript, we noticed from the background, this traffic is very high, there are many comments, one of them is,” When did Geely make this new energy brand? “

For a time, we don’t know how to answer …

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