From 0 to 1, Geely starts counterattack

By | April 16, 2021

Geely’s new intelligent pure electric brand is high, just launched the first product of 氪 001, the subsidy is 2.81 million to 3.66 million, this is a medium-sized luxury hooking car with a body size close to 5 meters. Sports car. Of course, this is also the first product based on Sea vast architecture that Geely is unveiled, but it has been called Zero.

From 0 to 1, it seems to be a change in the brand and model name, but for Geely, after holding a bunch of car brands, he will make a lot of junior, this story is obviously not as simple.

Extreme launched flashing war: Brand announced 23 days later new car pre-sale

After the Spring Festival, Geely said that it will establish a new company in 2021 to manage models based on Sea vast intelligent evolution experience architecture production.

On March 23, January 23, Geely, through the listed company’s earnings report, the company has established a company, Li Shufu, asked Chairman, And Cong Hui as a CEO. The sudden new brand is surprising, after all, Geely is now holding Geely, Volvo, Boke, Bao Teng, Lutus and other vehicle brands, only in the new energy, geometry, maple leaf three Independent brands, of course, Geely and packets also have corresponding new energy products. From Li Shufu personally hang, it is necessary to see Geely to pay attention to it.

Next, after a week, Geely officially announced that the piling Zero, which was bright in Beijing Auto Show, was officially renamed Zeekr 001 in September last September, and became the first model of the gli brand. By April 15, the 氪 001 opens pre-sale, which is only 23 days from the pole brands. This should be a speed at the entire automotive industry.

Similarly, even if it is calculated from the packet Zero concept car, the pre-sale is opened to the extreme 氪 001, and just half a year. Is Geeli to be too deep or extremely fast?

Extreme 001 bright sword: The captain of the captain, I have to have

You will be curious to pricing the total 001 of 2.81 million -360,000 is a kind of car.

Let’s first look at some of the product parameters released by the pre-sale, the body length is 4970mm, the wheelbase is 3005mm, the maximum volume of the baggage box is 2144, which is a high-end car that can abuse all competitors in space; maximum NEDC The battery is 712km not only let Tesla Model 3, and the EC6 is still staying in the “4-stroke” battery. It is not possible to compete with the same platform. The extreme 氪 001 also refreshed the production car battery car battery car life car, zero hundred acceleration It takes only 3.8 seconds, and the only product that can be confronted with Tesra Model 3 in 4 seconds.

In addition, the best 001 or the world’s first 300,000-pixel resolution, 250 meters long detection distance, and a centimeter-level vision-sensitive fusion The system is based on the new “bone recognition” technology of cross-visual fusion algorithm platform. At the same time, it is also equipped with a full car induction automatic door, with a smart electronic control air suspension, CCD electromagnetic shock absorption, 7 kinds of driving mode, Face ID, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the blood will come out of the shares of 4.9%, support the user to create, and announce the creation of the universe, through the construction of the new brand direct system, self-built the full range of completion systems, and launch include online community Subscribe to travel, OTA Mall, pole life, etc., thereby achieving product full life cycle management, user journey full scene coverage. Social Center Zeekr App will also be on this year.

It can be seen that the extreme 氪 001 is not only in the price with Tesla Model3, BYD Han EV, Xiaopeng P7 and the essential EC6 is hard, but also a collection of various advantages in product performance. For example, the same size is almost the same as the Han EV; and the speed of Model3 is the speed of the shoulder; and also emphasizes smart driving as Xiaopeng; the most critical is that the owner’s service has seen the shadow, don’t forget, the packet is the user. One of the best newborn brands doing the relationship.

Is this extreme 氪 001, is it really hard?

Admission high-end red sea: Geely new energy pain is difficult

From knowing beans to Geely, from geometry to maple leaf, from the packet to the extreme … The new energy step of Geely Automobile has been adjusted in the last fifth grade. The sales of new energy models under 2015, the sales of new energy models reached 50,000, second only to BYD ranked second in the national car enterprise. The overall sales of Geely Automotive in that year is only 538,000, which is equivalent to Geely new energy proportion to 10%.

From the earliest known beans, go to the Evhao EV, GSE’s step-by-step upgrade, Geely maintains the momentum of high songs in the new energy market. At that time, Geely Automobile proposed the “Blue Geely Action” plan for high-profile, which clearly expressed its total sales of more than 90% of the sales of new energy electrified products in Ji Li, 2020. However, after five years, the overall sales of Geely Automobiles in 2020 rose to 1.32 million, and the cumulative sales of new energy models are only 68,000 units, accounting for only 5.2%, but not only, not only, nearly half, distance 90% The goal is even more different.

Nowadays, the brilliance of the pure electric market A00 has long been not returned, and high-end and intelligent become mainstream trends. Especially in the investment in Tsela Model 3, the sales of one model in 2020 will exceed 140,000 vehicles, which not only makes the competitors have no efforts to make Tesla among the luxury brand best-selling list. Now we can actually see that Tesla is a squid. Under its stimulation, whether Xiaopeng is still a more than BYD, it has a more substantive progress on high-end products. And this is the change in the current demand for new energy markets. Based on SAE vast architecture, the unveiled at this time, can be said to be a life, this is also the horn of Geely blown new energy counterattack.

Li Shufu said in the Infess of this year, said that the “Blue Geely Action Plan” proposed in 2015 is still effective, but it is changed to two blue Geely action, including the new content, the main attacker electric smart car, positive participation Competition of the intelligent pure electric vehicle market.

At that time, the maple leaf, geometric and tenshal made a low-end, and the middle-ended federated federation, he had to say that Geely’s new energy strategy saw a new hope.

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