“I can’t afford the car.” Notting Mango: “No, you can afford it.”

By | April 15, 2021

“China will never be like Europe and the United States, almost every adult has 1 car.”

Many people hold such views, the status quo seem to be in this development. After many years of growing rapid growth, the total ownership of China has reached 287 million. However, thousands of car owners have just exceeded 200, and there are more than 800 of the United States, and there is a relatively large distance from Western Europe and Japan.

At the same time, China’s economic growth is also slowing, and the people’s money bags are not so fast.

However, the variables have appeared.

In the traditional fuel-saving era, the microcoluses to be eliminated, began to revive in the era of electric car. A group of micro-electric vehicles have emerged and win consumers recognize. On April 12, the deep plowing a short walk on the travel market, and the first mass production vehicle in the Weifang factory in Shandong Province. This pure electric truck in the pre-sale price of 29,800 yuan has added a firewood for mini-electric fire.

Leish Mango offline

Shu Xin, General Manager of Lein, revealed that the sales of the short-distance products in the Notting Plan is: 100,000 this year, 400,000 in next year, 600,000 in the late year – China Auto overalls is slightly or slowly, and Lei Ding In pursuit of skyrocketing.

Its logic is: a large number of people who have not had to have a car life – such as 6 billion urban population, and there is also a driving travel demand, just lack corresponding products. As long as the product is pair, this 600 million will buy a car.

The result is: China has a car group will usher in a big expansion. How big is it? Japan may have adopted reference: the number of small car K-CARs, accounting for nearly one-third of Japanese car ownership. If China can create a three-third of new car demand, the car ownership reached 400 million, 500 million, not difficult.

Chinese car history may be turned from new chapters.


Microelectronics new products: Leish Mango

Weifang, Shandong, world kite capital. On April 12, a “mango” was born here.

In the Lei Ding Factory of Changle County, Weifang City, the Leiding Miniature Pure Electric Passenger Car Mango, which is offline.

Mango fresh gratitude: there is a color of the showing water, malt yellow, cloud, white, moon rock ash, etc., the body is small: 3 meters 6 bus length and the axial distance of 2 meters; the economy is low: 29,800 pre-sale price, The family charges 100 kilometers as long as 5 dollars.

Rest Mango Color

Compared with the hot micro-tram type macro Mini EV, Leigh Mango is also a short-distance, but the size is larger. The macro Mini EV is two four, the wheelbase is less than two meters, which is mainly based on 1-2 people travel. Rest Mango, the wheelbase reaches 2 meters, which is four four, enough to be a family short way. Different trunks that are substantially absent from the macro Mini EV, Leish Mango can provide 420L trunk space.

In terms of performance, Leining mango can say “sign” macro MINI EV, and breakthrough. Hongguang Mini EV EVNET: 120 km, 170 kilometers, while Mango has 130 kilometers, 185 kilometers, two versions of the Mango, a head of the MINI EV; there is a 300-kilometer version, and it is supported.

If you choose Mango high-profile, there are 4 smart auxiliary driving systems, including corps assist, vehicle blind spots monitoring, rear landscape to warning, and open hazard warning.

In terms of safety, the high-strength steel cage body used by mango has passed the collision test of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Overall, Leish Mango and Hong Kong MINI EV are similar, focusing on short-distance traveling markets, but the space is greater, more functional, as the first car of urban families, is also sufficient.


Microelectronics rise

In China, micro electric vehicles have maintained the main force of new energy vehicles.

Before 2017, small electric vehicles represented by the North Automobile EC Series, Chery EQ1, Know Beans D Series, etc. At the highest, the market share is up to 61%.

Small pure electric passenger car sales accounts for market share of new energy passenger cars

Source: China Small Pure Electric Passenger Car Travel Big Data Report

However, with the subsidy policy encourages long battery models, micro electric vehicle subsidies slide sharply, many car companies have given up this market, so that the small car market share has shrunk.

However, since 2020, some companies with a firm belief in the demand for miniature electric vehicles are not based on subsidies, and the products suitable for short-distance travel have won the market.

Among them, SAIC’s universal Wuling’s Hong Kong MINI EV can be described as exploding, after the mass production stage, defeat Tesla Model 3, and become a new energy market for China’s new energy market. Although this car was listed in July 2020, it was 127,700, which was a single electric vehicle model that broke through 100,000 units in China.

Hongguang Mini EV burst red, opened the industry’s imagination for this category. Many car companies are brewing or have been launched. Just 343 batch of car announcements that have just been announced, 7 car companies declared 19 mini electric vehicles.

In these seven cars, there is Lered.

Rest Mango has a fashion shape that young people like

However, with many new companies that have recently found this market, Reuding began to cultivate this market in 2008, and the terminal accumulated more than 1 million.

For this market, it is very familiar, which is very strong for users’ needs. The same is a short walk, both personal travel, and family travel needs. The experience in the field of microcontrols has been told Leigh, which is more pursuit of cost-effective, and it is not small for the space requirements of the vehicle. Mango reflects the understanding of Lei Ding to the market. This model of 2.98 million pre-sale models seem to be priced than 2.88 million yuan of macro MINI EV, but Reic Mango is four four. The actual sales of Hong Kong MINI EV also dominated by 35,800. Moreover, many users of MINI EV are young people in a second-line city. The demand for urban families in the third four lines and even lower levels is not taken care.

Shu Xin introduced that there were more than 3,000 terminal stores in the three or four-tier cities, the town market, and the Leiding, more than 10,000 second-level terminal stores. Their so-called level refers to county levels. The degree of depth and radiation under the terminal of Leiding will promote short-awaited travel products for Lei Ding to this market to provide the strongest guarantee.


Let 600 million people enter the car society

Among the memory of China, the earliest car, there are both old three: Jetta, Santana and Fukang, also have the micro “God” started by the independent brand: Chery QQ, BYD F0, Chang’an Olydower, Geely Panda …

However, soon, with the rise of independent brands, traditional fuel vehicles are no longer popular, and the A00-level market accounts for less than 2%. The entry-level car is already a 67,000 sedan. These entry-level sedos, the price is high, the quality is not bad, so that many people have circular car dreams.

However, the price of Six or 50,000 is still high, and many households with a limited purchase force are blocked outside the door. China’s car owners have a level of about 200 vehicles, which is reflected in the relationship between the purchasing power of the people and the supply of automotive product supplies.

How does Chinese car insurance continue to increase? How to make more people live in car life?

To make the Chinese auto population, you can’t stare at the existing car products, but you should explore the incremental market.

Look at the current entry-level fuel car, on the one hand, the price is also high; on the other hand, the function is complete, used for short walk, and there are surplus.

Can I create an entry-level type under the entry-level fuel truck?

Demand is undoubtedly. Specifically to the 600 million urban population positioned by Lei Ding, their needs of short-distance travel may create more than 200 million people. However, the price range of the main pin electric model is concentrated at 5-15 million. Obviously, there is a supply and demolition in this.

Leish Mango

Hongguang Mini EV’s red red, indicating that there is a lot of car demand below 50,000. Its sales are still growing, and it means that its space is large, not a model that can be satisfied.

Mango, which is launched, is expected to finally priced between 30,000 to 5,000 yuan, and the function is different from the macro Mini EV, which is a complementary product. Coupled with mini electric vehicles of other car companies, form a new entry-level market, may change the Chinese car consumption structure.

And, because this type of purchase is low, the potential user is large, and if the demand is excavated, the Chinese car society will be expanded.

China’s thousands of people have a level of 200 vehicles far below developed countries, and the global ranking is about ten. In 2019, Japan ranked fifth and thousand people have 591 vehicles. However, in the Japanese car consumption structure, the K-Car model occupies one-third of Japan.

K-Car is after World War II, the Japanese auto industry is designed for local markets. The target at the beginning of the design is that the displacement is very low, the price is very low, and you have to sit down 4 adults. Its final form is only 3 meters 4, which is only 1 m 480, K-Car.

Many families in Japan stops a K-Car in force

This type of model is deeply affected by the Japanese people, and the sales volume is more than 30%. Shu Xin also said, “In 2019, I specifically made a market research in Japan. In the past few years, the share of K-Car is increasing year by year, and 2019 is about 40%.”

Today, micro-electric vehicles represented by Hong Kong Mini EV, Leining Mango, can be said to be the Chinese version of K-Car, which can meet the needs of the people, and the purchase price is low, the cost is low.

Like other mini cars in the traditional fuel truck, micro electric vehicles also help to alleviate China’s oil overseas dependence, air pollution.

I look forward to a new national car to make more people have a car life, but also let China build sustainable development.


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