2.68 million: Lingbao car refresh electric car lowest price

By | April 14, 2021

“3 months of household income can afford electric car”.

This sentence slogan is that the Ford car shouted after the T-car in the T-caid, and it was now picked up again by Lingbao.

The direct result is that Lingbao cars refreshed the minimum price of 28,800 yuan created by Hong Kong MINI EV. On April 12, in Lingbao Automobile and Ali Cloud Comprehensive Cooperation Conference, Lingbao Motor announced the latest selling price of its 2 models, including Lingbao COCO price 26,800 yuan and 31800 yuan, Lingbao Box price 32800 yuan 35800 yuan, 38,800 yuan, 46,800 yuan.

The most economical Lingbao Coco is less than 2,000 yuan from the macro Mini EV.

Image from Lingbao Auto

The macro MINI EV will have to make it extreme. What is Lingbao car? Why can I still dig down? Do you want to dry?


Who is the Lingbao car?

It is not familiar with Many people who speak Lingbao, and its founder deer is also the boss of the largest electric tricycle enterprise “Jin Peng” in China.

In 2004, Deer Shouzhong founded Jin Peng’s car. In 2008, I won the industry in Ding Industry. In this way, the continuous system is sold for many years, and it has become the world’s largest electric tricycle production enterprise. In 2012, he entered the field of micro electric vehicle. In 2018, he established Lingbao Automobile. In 2019, the new energy passenger car, the commercial vehicle is double qualification, the first new car Lingbao Box is under the line of 2020.

It can be seen that the deer light is constantly doing product upgrades and enterprises transformation, and Lingbao cars will focus on small electric vehicles, focusing on the Chinese urban market, currently planned 2 platforms to cover 3-6 million, from A00-A0 The mainstream market.

Why choose this market? In addition to the use of the company’s background advantage, it is also because the new energy vehicle market is seriously differentiated, especially the rapid rise of Mili Hongguang Mini EV last year, is the entire market of small electric vehicles, and the A00-A0 market is not only found. Big and heavy.

Image from Lingbao Auto

Lingbao Automobile Annual production base has been built, with complete vehicle production, manufacturing capabilities, and complete shape, trial, test, design and development capabilities, and the four largest workshop automation levels reach more than 60%.

Image from Lingbao Auto

From the overall rhythm of Lingbao, the ES and EX platforms are expected to plan 8 models in the next 2 years, and the design is bold to guard.

Image from Lingbao Auto

With the production capacity and product, the team is more important, Lingbao Automobile also introduces marketing, development, production, quality, supply chain, etc. of the years, have become the core backbone. The CMO, which is unveiled, is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of SAIC, CTO Zhao Chun has 19 years of research and development experience in Chery, Ford, Zhongtai and other enterprises.


How about the car?

The first thing to reiterate that Lingbao Box and Coco are the models that can be licensed, and they also enjoy the purchase tax.

If the target Waunhong MINI EV can be simple to summarize: the size is larger, the battery is longer, the price is cheaper, and it is 4. For ordinary people, there is less than 2 seats, this account is easy.

Table according to public data

In addition to these selling points, Lingbao Coco’s naming is also very interesting. Different versions are called: Shangguan, Li Qingzhao, Cai Wenji, Wang Zhaojun, is a talented woman in Wen Wenya.

Among them, Lingbao Box also has a high version, the battery is 351km, which supports fast and slow charging. The price is only 46,800, which is the only price of 50,000 in the only price in the battery life.

The 2 model batteries are all lithium iron phosphate, warranty for 8 years or 120,000 kilometers.

At the scene, I exchanged with a dealer from Foshan. He himself has been proxy, Jianji, Tianmei Motor, and now choose Lingbao. According to his words, he glanced at the cooperation between Lingbao and Ali. If he successfully succeeded that he thinks 100-200 units for one month.


5 years later, 600,000

After the A00 level is detonated by Wulinghong MINI EV, it gathers a lot of attention, the fastest react is like Lingbao Motor, which is more familiar with this market, so they continue to be in the market. Dig in deep digging, there is a unique advantage.

According to Fu Hao, Lingbao Guang’s newly developed dealers have exceeded 300 this year. This year’s goal should develop 1,000 dealers, and the vehicle sells 50,000 vehicles, and the annual sales of 600,000 goals were sold in 2025.

Image from Lingbao Auto


Ali helps challenge

In this event, Lingbao Motors announced that it is also a comprehensive cooperation with Ali Cloud in the car system, the whole domain marketing, smart plant, and the number of gardens, etc., which is the first small electric vehicle company and Ali’s first cross-border cooperation. .

Image from Lingbao Auto

Cooperation with Ali, maybe add a number of points to Lingbao to win with other micro-electric hands.

The micro electric vehicle is now the group. On the same day, Reudcast also released a new car, priced of 29,800, and Lingbao’s high levels in models and prices. For the first time, Changan Ben has launched E-STAR, the price is equally 29,800 and 39,800. In the 343th new car publication in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 32 models of the passenger car belong to the microcontrol, accounting for one-third, which is never had before.

Although Lingbao Motor grabs the lowest price of the whole industry, the micro electric vehicle market has begun to enter the stage of the group, and the next spell will be extremely cruel.


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