Mr. Map The electric coupe exposes, the battery is 800 kilometers, and the Shanghai car exhibition is expected to be unveiled.

By | April 13, 2021

At present, most of the car enterprises have joined the team of electric vehicles, in the R & D team of electric vehicles, everyone focuses on the research and development of cars or SUV models, but the sports car model is not much attention. However, for consumers, the focus of sports cars is very high, although the sports car is priced, but the heat brought by the sports car is not the sedan or SUV and other household vehicles to match. Obviously, Mr. saw this, recently launched a conceptual electric coupe, let’s take a look.

Mark now is now a domestic brand, I still remember that in a TV series, the March is the luxury brand, but the brand influence of the martial arts is not as good as the year. However, the Mark also did not give up, such as the recently launched Mr. Cyberster’s concept car, and its appearance may subvert your cognition and impression of the brand of Mark.

In terms of appearance, Mr. CyBerster adopts the ultimate streamlined design, and the overall body is not like the shape of the edge of Lamborghini, but uses a relatively smooth retro design language, and it is possible to see its sharp place on some details. Soft hard combination is my first feeling of this car. It can be seen from the conceptual diagram that the car uses two layouts, and the sports seat is very eye-catching. In addition, the convertible elements have been added, so that this car looks very drawn.

In terms of interior, Mr Cyberster joined many sports competitive elements, and the steering wheel used the design and materials of the racing level, and the dashboard was displayed. The driving space of the car is very good, and there is a partition in the middle of the main driving and covaround driving. It is worth mentioning that VR elements have also been added in the interiors of the Mr., allowing you to feel the visual experience of the racing competition.

In terms of power, because it is the concept car, there is no specific parameter, but the battery life will adopt a non-die battery, the battery life can reach 800 kilometers, and the speed can reach 3 seconds. It is still very expected. It is understood that the car may be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. However, the concept truck transforms the mass production car is not an easy task, especially the racer-level electric vehicle like Mr. Cyberster, and wants to meet the level of mass production, so I want to buy the rich of the car. We may need more than a few years.

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