Arcfox is very fox and Huawei “joint” will land in Shanghai Auto Show

By | April 13, 2021

On April 19, 2021, ARCFOX poor fox and Huawei jointly built the polar fox alpha s Huawei Hi version will land on the 19th Shanghai International Automotive Industry Exhibition. At the same time, the new generation of intelligent luxury pure electric cars, the new generation of intelligent luxury pure electric cars, Alpha SUV Alpha T, SUV Alpha T will also see the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 7.1 Pavilion 7A07, with hard core strength to interpret brand unreasonable aesthetics , The core values โ€‹โ€‹of human beings, the ultimate experience, fully transmitting the brand image of Arcfox extreme fox “life”.

Highly attractive attention! Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei Hi version of the unparalleled Arcfox extreme fox, Huawei double booth

As the first car of global mass production, the world’s first urban commuter automatic driving lot, the world’s first urban commuter automatic driving, the Hi-fox Alpha S Huawei is undoubtedly the focus of this year’s auto show. The new car is also the first quantification model and the first model of Huawei Hongmeng OS and the quantitative model of Huawei high-end automatic driving ADS system. It has 3 Huawei 96-line model laser radar, which can support 400tops super powerful force, Meet the city’s full-time automatic driving, will show consumer to show an unprecedented future travel picture.

It is worth mentioning that Alpha S Huawei will land in the Arcfox Extreme Fox, Huawei Booth and Beiqi Group booth, so that more consumers will see the latest results in intelligent travel fields and Huawei jointly explore the latest achievements of ARCFOX. Under the wave of “new four-generation”, the domestic new energy automotive industry has moved to the high-end transformation of the attack, and the technical research of major cars has, but in the blessing of Huawei intelligent technology solutions. Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei’s attention has no attention to its right, and the competitiveness of new cars in the high-end electric vehicle market cannot be underestimated.

Extreme fox alpha s landing! Redefine a new generation of intelligent luxury

This year’s auto show, the second quantification of the ARCFOX polar fox brand – Nepturi Alpha S will also appear in Arcfox Neptu booth. With longer battery life, smarter automatic driving and richer configuration, extreme fox alpha s use its own way, interpret the level, smart, luxurious real meaning, and create a new generation of intelligent luxury pure electric car quality benchmarks.

The polar fox alpha s is based on cutting-edge technology, with the hard core of “by the table and the inner”, established the quality benchmark for future travel. The highest 708km of the same level is up to 708km, 4.2S 100 kilometers acceleration, L2.5 automatic driving technology, head parking, etc., showing the power and intelligent technology of Polar Alpha S Excellence.

In addition, under the blessing of the IMC architecture built by Arcfox Negloon, the extreme fox Alpha S has more advanced driving texture and high-quiet NVH technology, and the head and other cockpit qualities made by Ultrasuede suede, natural sewing process. , Bringing users a new generation of intelligent luxury experiences.

Collection number! 100,000 poles waiting for you to adopt

At the same time, while the heavy model is unveiled, April 19th, Arcfox’s extremely fox will go online “100,000 very fox waiting for you to adopt” activities. “Collecting the fox” test eye game, obtaining adoption qualifications and multiple gifts, big gods players more opportunities to get surprise awards such as ARCFOX polar fox.

In the face of the new era, Arcfox is not only directly hit the consumer pain in terms of product, but also has truly passed consumers in marketing, and consumers are friends. This time, “100,000 very fox waiting for you to adopt” activities, pay attention to the user experience, use the traditional gameplay of the user thinking to transform the automobile industry, through easy and pleasant way, let consumers really understand the Arcfox pole fox with users to create high The initial heart of the new energy car.

Arcfox is self-studying day, we are committed to building high quality products and showing the gesture of the leaders of China’s new energy vehicle pattern. From April 19th to April 28th, the Arcfox pole fox brand looks forward to meeting the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 7.1, jointly welcoming high quality intelligent travel.

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